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Yoot Tower is a game that takes time to master, so don't think you can beat it in one day! Don't think that because you mastered Sim Tower that you can fly by this game. Yoot Tower has some things that Sim Tower does not. Here is a list of some things you will see:

  1. Bathrooms: You will need to add bathrooms on all office and retail floors.
  2. Front Desk: If you're wondering why hotel rooms aren't selling, it may be because in Yoot Tower you have to connect them to the front desk.
  3. No Limits: In Sim Tower there is a limit on how many elevators and stairs you could put in your building. However, in Yoot Tower there are no limits on the number of elevators or stairs you can put in your tower.
  4. Shops: Unlike Sim Tower, you pick what kind of shops you want in your building (like pet stores or toy stores).


Yoot Tower is far more interactive than Sim Tower, so be ready.