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Special Items[edit]

These are items that can be earned for bonus and mini battles.


  • Super Green Watermelon: Allows Yoshi to spit out 90 seeds at his enemies. For half eaten Super Green Watermelons, Yoshi only can spit out half the number of seeds (45).
  • Super Red Watermelon: Allows Yoshi to spit 9 blasts of fire at his enemies.
  • Super Blue Watermelon: Allows Yoshi to spit 9 blasts of ice at his enemies.


  • 10-point star: Gives Yoshi 10 more seconds.
  • 20-point star: Gives Yoshi 20 more seconds.
  • Anywhere POW: Turns all enemies into stars.


  • Winged Cloud Maker: Turns all enemies into winged clouds.
  • Magnifying Glass: Reveals the red coins.
  • Anytime Egg: Refills Yoshi's egg maximum of six.


Yoshi can collect eggs during the adventure, up to six at one time. There are five types of eggs:

  • Green Egg: a normal egg.
  • Yellow Egg: gives a coin if you hit an enemy.
  • Red Egg: gives two stars if you hit an enemy.
  • Flashing Egg: gives a red coin if you hit an enemy.
  • Giant Egg: turns all enemies into stars.

It is possible with clever aiming to improve Green and Yellow Eggs. A Green Egg that bounces once before impact becomes a Yellow Egg, and a Yellow Egg that bounces once before impact becomes a Red Egg (so a Green Egg can bounce twice to become a Red Egg). Also remember, if Yoshi gets his tongue on an egg in flight, he can reclaim it, meaning if there is a ceiling above Yoshi, he can shoot an egg upward and tongue it as it comes back down to make improved eggs that return to his stash.

Normal Items[edit]


There are 5 flowers in each stage. Getting all of them earns a life, and each flower is worth 10 points towards the total score on the stage.

Red Coin[edit]

There are 20 Red Coins in each stage. Each is worth 1 point towards the total points for the stage.


You can have up to 30 stars. They increase the time that the player can leave Mario floating in a bubble if Yoshi is hit by an enemy. Each star is worth 1 of the 100 total points of the stage. Stars, from Winged Clouds, give Yoshi 1 more second, while Middle Rings, which serve as checkpoints, give Yoshi 10. Tulips, when a spit-up enemy enters it, throw out 8 stars.