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Watch Out Below![edit]

Starting the level, go right. Take the Shy Guys to two eggs. You may have noticed a Chain Chomp created a hole. Several equal to this will also do the same. Take the flower and defeat the enemy. Here you can spend running, but is not a good idea. Shoot the next cloud to another flower. Get more eggs with enemies and also get five stars in the cloud. Upon entering, there is a circle that will give you ten seconds on the timer (the same as ten stars), take more eggs with the Shy Guys and shoot the coins above. Do the same with spring ball.

The Sky[edit]

After climbing up, go left if you want some coins and make your way to the right. Climb to the left, take another circle and go right until you find a bubble. This bubble allows Yoshi to turn a helicopter to get to the end. However, this has a certain time limit so that you do not travel by stage. With the chopper, grab coins and flowers to get 100 points at the end. Hit the Yoshi block to make Yoshi back to normal. Take two more red coins before the pipe and then go down the pipe.

Turning down[edit]

First of all take life with Shy Guy and shoot in the cloud for one last flower. Get the latest red coins and five stars in the cloud. Deflect the last hole and beat the level!