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The Cave of Chomp Rock[edit]

Immediately upon starting the internship, you will see two Piranha Plants. The right of a hidden winged cloud containing a 1up. Now enter the pipe.

The Cave[edit]

Immediately a Chomp Rock will roll down. Follow it until you get a piece of wood. Use Ground Pound three times to bury him. Also use Ground Pound to destroy the box that contains six stars. Continue pushing the Chomp Rock and destroy the next piece of wood to a red coin. Grab the coins here, and how the Chomp Rock is no longer used, leave without her. Go down the small slit at a flower and two red coins. Climb again to push another Chomp Rock (although she does not have much use). The paths, take the coins, stars and a flower to return to the normal path. Here's a locked door that needs a key, but you will now find it. Keep following the path and take the flower on top of the mushrooms. At this time, you saw a balloon. Throw eggs this balloon to drop a box. Use the Ground Pound to five stars. There is also a balloon carrying a key. Shoot him and collect the key. Now you can go back in the door to play a Minigame.

Throwing Balloons[edit]

You must press a sequence of buttons. Each sequence varies so exercise caution. You must play the ball to the enemy to bursting. There is also the time for you do not delay in executing the buttons. The prize will be a 1up. Agore you'll be in the cave again.

Back in the cave[edit]

Using Ground Pound the woods will earn you 2 red coins. Go grabbing the coins and killing enemies. When you reach the rock, push down to go up in the next mushroom. There is a hidden cloud in the extreme left and also has a flower on the way. Using Ground Pound in a wood will give you a kind of P-switch. Tighten and you will see an arrow pointing to a hidden pipe. Login to a room full of coins. After exiting, push the rock for the last points. Now go out and you will be out of the cave.

The outside[edit]

Pick up some eggs, destroy the Piranha Plants and grab a 1up with Fly Guy. Now go to the wheel and win the level!