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Tickle Baby Mario[edit]

At the end of a sky level, Baby Mario will float to the bottom screen. During this time, you can tap Baby Mario to tickle him.

Coins in trees[edit]

While Baby Mario is falling near the end of the sky level, you can tap the leaves of the trees to reveal more coins.

Bonus points[edit]

Hitting multiple objects with a single egg (otherwise known as a combo) will earn you bonus points. The more enemies and coins you hit, the more bonus points you will receive.

Colored Yoshis[edit]

Depending on the score achieved in the falling part of the game you will receive a different colored Yoshi. After 60 points to get a Yoshi other than the green one, its 20 more points before getting the next one. You also get the next colored Yoshi after each 1000 yards in Marathon Mode

Normal Colored Yoshis[edit]

Color Number of eggs Speed Points Req.
Green 20 Extremely Slow 0-60
Sky blue 25 Very Slow 60-80
Pink 30 Slow 80-100
Blue 35 Average 100-120
Yellow 40 Fast 120-140
Red 45 Very Fast 140-160
Black 50 (+1 for every point more than 160) Extremely Fast 160+

Special Colored Yoshi[edit]

Color Number of Eggs Requisites
White Infinite Based on Performance in Marathon Mode*
Bronze 60 Reach 10,000 mark in Marathon Mode
Purple 50 Get 0 points in Challenge Mode sky section
Arctic Infinite Get 0 points in Time Attack Mode sky section

* Believed to be dependent upon number of enemies killed/coins collected/times transformed into Super Baby Mario