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YouYou Jinsei
Box artwork for YouYou Jinsei.
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Board game
System(s)PC Engine
TwitchYouYou Jinsei Channel

YouYou Jinsei (遊々人生?), subtitled Victory Life on the title screen, is a board game simulation which is primarily based off of Milton Bradley's The Game of Life, including the use of automobile player pieces and the player's journey through various stages of life via a series of randomly occurring events. The game is actually licensed to Takara, the Japanese publisher of the board game (who would also create a few Game of Life video games of their own).

The goal is to make it to retirement with the most assets. The player can also get married, have kids and experience various other important life changes, but the primary goal is the acquisition of funds. The player is also able to invest funds and gamble, the outcome of which is dependent on pure luck.

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