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When starting a new game, you have to select a character and a difficulty setting.

Axe-wielding fighter. Mid speed, mid range.
Energy-firing mage. Slow speed, long range.

Goddess Statues[edit]

Throughout the tower are Goddess statues that act as save points. Initially, they are demon statues, but they are purified with the Crystal when you interact with them. They also fully restore HP and you can accept divine blessings from them by spending SP. You can use the Crystal in the inventory to teleport to any Goddess statue that you have already purified.

Drop Items[edit]

Monsters may drop items and purple crystals (SP) when they are defeated.

Recovery Items
  • Herb: Restores HP, 3 types with different amounts
  • Energy Fruit: Completely restores Boost Gauge
  • Oxygen Fruit: Completely restores Oxygen Gauge when underwater
Stat-Enhancing Items
  • Battle Draught: Temporarily increases STR
  • Guard Draught: Temporarily increases DEF
  • Spirit Draught: Temporarily increases recovery rate of magic power

Bad Statuses[edit]

Some monster attacks may apply bad status effects. They go away after some time has elapsed.

Reverses movement direction
Lowers STR and DEF
Slows movement and reduces jump height
Gradually lose HP


There are three different jewels that enhance their associated skill. When acquired, they automatically raise the skill level by 1. The first jewel allows the skill to be charged. Additional jewels raise the power and MP recovery rate.

Image Name Skill
Ys Origin item emerald.png Emerald Wind
Ys Origin item topaz.png Topaz Thunder
Ys Origin item ruby.png Ruby Fire

Roos and Roda Fruit[edit]

Thank You For Being a Friend
Thank You For Being a Friend
Give Roda Fruit to all of the Roos in the tower with every character.

Throughout the tower are hungry Roos. If you give them a Ys Origin item roda fruit.png Roda Fruit, you will receive either an item or an enhancement.