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Initially, only one slot is available for equipping an Adventuring Gear. Using guide books will add an additional slot up to a maximum of six slots.

Name Effect Description Location
Grip Gloves Climb Ivy These gloves are old, but their grip is still good.
Glow Stone Illuminate Surroundings Emits light created by an insect trapped within.
Floating Shoes Walk on Swampy Water Shoes with floating rings attached. Pirates apparently created them.
Archaeopteryx Wing Double Jump An ancient bird's wings that lets one jump twice.
Hermit's Scale Breathe Underwater Grants one the power to make fresh air underwater.
Purifying Bell Slay Undead An artifact used during the Requiem Ritual. It emits a soul-soothing chime.
Gale Feather Dash Speed +, Tackle Foes A seabird's feather that lets you run like the wind. 50% map completion
Windy Vestment Heal More HP by Standing Still A blessed outfit that calms the mind and soul.
Ares Seal EXTRA Gauge Fills Slowly A charm that awakens one's inner fighting spirit. 100% map completion
Aeolus Urn Attract Dropped Items Antique earthware that brings fortune to its owner.
Eagle Eye Orb Increased Mapping Range A mysterious orb most likely from the Eternian era.