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Night on the Gaete Sea
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
Night on the Gaete Sea
Cleared Prologue - Night on the Gaete Sea.

Adol wakes up on a beach with no one else in sight.

Take the old sword nearby. Three Worgles will then attack. During the fight, Adol learns a new skill, Sonic Slide. Set the skill to one of the face buttons.

Explore the area and defeat the monsters on the way. There is a large tree that is blocking a path. Ignore it for now. In the next area, Adol will drink from a stream. If your HP is low, you can stand still to recover it. Continue on. In the next area, Adol stumbles upon a woman bathing in a stream. She is surprised and attacks Adol, but he deflects her sword. After an embarrassing scene, she introduces herself as Laxia. Some monsters will attack while they are talking.

Adol's damage type is slash while Laxia's is pierce. Use Laxia to attack the flying monsters and Adol to attack the others.

After the battle, Laxia joins the party.

Go to the next area and search around. Examine the crystal near the entrance. It will fully restore HP when you approach it. Talk to Laxia by a cliff and open the driftage on the shore. It contains Red Meat ×3.

The area seems suitable for a base camp. Laxia sees someone go into a cave. Go inside to investigate.

Waterdrop Cave[edit]

Further in, Adol and Laxia see signs that someone may have lived in the cave. There are two chests that contain a Heal Potion and Leather Armor ×2. Pick up the Short Sword. Continue on to the next area. There is another chest that contains Coconut ×2. Resting against a boulder is a decayed corpse. Examine it to take a Revive Medicine. At the end is another crystal.

Off in the distance, a person walks away. Adol and Laxia follow, but a large monster drops from the ceiling.

Boss: Byfteriza[edit]

  • Hop a sort distance and slam ground
  • Swipe with claw
  • Shoot a shockwave from mouth

Keep attacking Byfteriza while evading its attacks. When it is stunned, use your EXTRA skill.

Once defeated continue out of the cave. Adol and Laxia meet Captain Barbaros and explain everything that has happened so far. They suspect they may be on the Isle of Seiren. Captain Barbaros is resolved to continue his duties as captain and ensure the survival of any castaways on the island. He asks Adol to search for other surviving passengers and to also map the island. Laxia joins Adol and Captain Barbaros remains to build a base camp.

Talk to Captain Barbaros again and he will explain that he setup an apothecary to brew medicine. You can refill empty bottles with medicine if you have certain materials. When you are ready, exit the camp.

After reviewing their map, Adol and Laxia decide to head north towards some unexplored area. You can fast travel to any crystal you have encountered or back to the camp from the map.

Head north towards the marker on the map. On a large boulder there is a chest that contains Iron Ore ×3. There is a spot with vines that you can't climb yet. In the next area, there is a chest that contains Mango ×2. You can't explore further from this side so go back and take the other path. Go down the path towards the shore. At the end is a chest that contains Digitalis Leaf ×3. The Ripseus monsters on the shore are weak to strike attacks, which neither character currently has. You can ignore them for now and go to the other end of the shore. There are large boulders blocking the path and a trail of footprints that lead to another path past the crystal. Heal at the crystal and go to the next area.

Adol stops and hears something making noises nearby. Suddenly, a man runs out screaming. A monster jumps out.

Boss: Avalodragil[edit]

  • Swipes with biting attack and tail swing
  • Slams claw down in front of it
  • Roar that pushes everyone back
  • Spits out fireballs
  • Slam body sideways
  • Charge forward and ram with head
  • Swipe with tail

Focus attacks on the Avalodragil's head to do the most damage. Its body is armored and receives little damage. It starts off with a few attacks, but adds more when half of its health is gone. Use medicine or fruit if you are low on health.

Once defeated, the man hugs Adol and Laxia expressing his gratitude. He introduces himself as Sahad. They have a conversation, but Avalodragil wakes up. It decides to leave instead of attacking again.

Sahad joins the party.

Before heading back to camp go to the next area and open the chest containing a Bone Necklace. There is another spot with vines that you can't climb yet. Head back to camp.

Adol introduces Sahad to Captain Barbaros. Dogi also shows up in the camp. He has been busy helping Captain Barbaros setup a base camp. Everyone compares information and rests by the campfire. Dogi mentions he saw another set of footprints when he washed ashore. Captain Barbaros puts Dogi in charge of fortifying the camp. Sahad decides to accompany Adol and Laxia in exploring the island and searching for more survivors. With plans made for tomorrow, everyone rests for the night.