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Adol has a strange dream. A girl named Dana has a vision of some robed people in riding carts pulled by big beasts are coming to the valley. The robed people tells Dana's father that Dana has been blessed with Essence and they have come to escort her to the Temple of the Great Tree. She has been chosen by the oracle.

The Isle of Seiren
The Isle of Seiren
Cleared Chapter 1 - The Isle of Seiren.

Adol wakes up tired and Laxia greets him. She gives him some clothes she found in a crate that washed ashore.

You can change costumes in the Camp Menu.

Go out of the cave and talk to Dogi and Sahad by the campfire. Before they go, they decide to catch some fish to have for breakfast. Dogi has setup a few facilities.

Check out the new facilities. At the blacksmith, you can enhance weapons with the right materials. Sahad will give Iron Ore ×5. At the storage, you can exchange materials for higher quality materials to use in crafting items or enhancing weapons.

Go to the shore. Sahad teaches Adol and Laxia how to fish and gives Bait ×10. Cast the line at the fish shadows and catch a fish. Go back to Dogi when you are done fishing.

Dogi decides to make a fish soup. After their conversation, you receive a recipe for it. Before heading out, go talk to Captain Barbaros. He has found a parrot that he is teaching to talk. He also shows everyone, the bulletin board where anyone can write what materials they need. You can pick up quests at the bulletin board and talk to the client to get the details.


When you are ready, exit the village and head south to search for survivors. Go to the large tree that was nearby where Adol washed ashore. While Adol and the others are preparing to move the tree, the parrot arrives. It reveals the name it was given, Little Paro, and flies away. Adol and Sahad try to move the tree, but could not do it on their own. When they are about to give up, Dogi and Captain Barbaros show up to help.

Help Requests are needed to clear large obstacles. If you have enough people, you can clear the obstacle to unlock new paths. Nearby event points will also be marked on the map.

White Sand Cape[edit | edit source]

Touch the crystal near the entrance to heal up. There is a chest that contains Sturdy Lumber ×3 which can be used for the Building Beds quest.

In the next area, you will see the Cobalt Crag. Location Points are memorable landscapes or scenery that are maked on the map with a green triangle. Many will have harvesting points near them.

The left path past the landmark leads to a mudslide that you can ignore, since it requires 20 people. The path near the water has a chest that contains Bait ×5.

In the next area, you can walk up the leaning tree and jump attack to collect the coconuts. In the water, there is chest that contains Digitalis Leaf ×3. Further in, there is a woman you can talk to.

Adol and the others tell her the situation and that the castaways are gathering at a base camp. The woman's name is Alison. They escort her back to Castaway Village and introduced her to Captain Barbaros and Dogi. Alison worked as a seamstress in the city and was traveling with her husband Ed. She is worried about him, but they assure her that he is probably somewhere on the island. Laxia escorts Alison to rest. Captain Barbaros is concerned about the monsters becoming more aggresive.


Go inside the cave and talk to Alison or Laxia.

Alison is concerned about how to help in the village, but she decides to contribute using her tailoring skills. Dogi setups a space for her to sew and acquires supplies.

The tailoring shop will open and Alison can create accessories, armor, and apparel with the right materials.

Go back to where you originally found Alison and continue to the next area. There are two chests on raised ground. One contains T's Note 1 and the other contains Dark Gloves.

"Ten days have passed since I first arrived here."

"No matter how far I look out to sea, I have yet to see a single ship pass by..."

"I guess it's time for me to make a decision."

"If I'm going to survive this cursed island, I have to figure out how to escape it on my own..."

T, T's Note 1

When you are ready to continue the main story, fast travel to the crystal in the Nameless Coast.

Nameless Coast[edit | edit source]

With Alison, you have enough villagers to clear the boulders blocking the path. The next area has a chest in the water that contains Ripe Cruberry. Farther along the coast, there is another Location Point, Birdsong Rock. On the inland path, there is a chest nearby that contains Iron Ore ×3.

In the next area, watch out for the poisonous attacks. There is a chest behind a tree that contains a Blade Ring. Farther along there is a landslide that requires 8 people to clear. Go up the path and there is one more chest on some rocks that contains Beast Claw ×3.

Head south and there is a large tree that you can push down to make a bridge. There is a chest that contains Bait ×10 on a raised ground that is too high to jump on. You can get to it by jumping from the white boulder and spamming Adol's Aerial Slash while moving forward. Go back north and there is only one path you can currently take.

Sahad and Laxia are tired and need a break. They decide to setup camp and rest for the night. Around the campfire, Sahad talks about where he is from and hist motivations.

While sleeping, Adol has another dream. At the Temple of the Great Tree, several girls are lined up as candidates to be the next Maiden of the Great Tree. A woman explains how they are all blessed with the Essence and can manipulate nature. Later, Dana sneaks off to the Great Tree of Origins and has a gray vision of a woman. The elder Maiden catches her and Dana asks if there is a woman sleeping inside the Great Tree. She tells Dana to don't speak of it to anyone. Sarai and Olga find Dana and Olga chastises Dana about all the mischief she gets into. Dana always impulsively rushes to help others in need.

The next morning, Adol is tired again from the dream. They decide they should create more campsites across the island when they find a safe place.

Campsites restore HP, SP, and the EXTRA Gauge. They have a campfire where you can cook meals and a crystal for fast travel. Continue on to the next area.

Towering Coral Forest[edit | edit source]

Take the east path for now, the west path is blocked.

There are two chests along the way that contain Sweet Remedy ×3 and Antidote ×5. The next area has two levels with thin paths. If you fall off the top level, there is a path that leads back up to the top level near the entrance. The chest on the top level can't be reached yet. There is a chest that contains a Defense Elixir that you have to drop down from the top to reach. There are several spots with ivy that you can't climb yet. For now, go to the next area from the bottom level. Before the main story marker, there is a chest that contains Ripe Cruberry ×2.

Adol and the others encounter two more castaways. One is injured while the other is treating his ankle. The injured one is Sir Carlan, a noble and the other is Kiergaard, a doctor. Adol and the other introduce themselves and explain the situation. They decide it's best to go to Castaway Village. Sir Carlan tells Laxia to lend her shoulder and escort him, but Dogi arrives and offers to take them both back. Sir Carlan walks on his own, showing his didn't need to be carried. Before he leaves, Kiergaard tell Adol that there was another castaway with them, but she chose to stay behind on the shore where they washed up.

Touch the crystal to heal before going to the next area.

At Castaway Village, Kiergaard has setup an Apothecary to brew medicine. Near the top of the village is Shoebill. You can feed it fish and it will give items when satisfied.

When you are ready warp back to the crystal. In the pond, a boss will appear.

Boss: Serpentus[edit | edit source]

  • Hops and slams ground
  • Shoots purple bubbles from back
  • Breaths out poison mist
  • Bites
  • Charges forward

Avoid Serpentus's poisonous attacks and use Antidote if you are poisoned.

Once defeated continue on to the next area.

Adol and the others find another dead body. Laxia notices some gloves on the body and Sahad picks them up.

The Grip Gloves is an Adventuring Gear that allows you to climb ivy. Climb the nearby ivy to the top. Push over the bridge and drop down to the area under it. Open the chest that contains a Spiral Manual and use it to teach Adol the Tornado Sword skill. Go back up and across the bridge. There is another chest behind the ivy that contains Iron Ore ×5. Before climbing the ivy, take the thin path and push over the bridge. This will connect a path to the entrance of the forest. You can go back to the area with two levels and loot the chests you missed earlier. They contain Remex ×5 a Snake Amulet, and Bandit Gloves.

Go back across the bridge and climb the ivy. In the open area, there is a raised platform that has a chest that contains Revive Medicine, but it is a trap. Several Targaneans will drop down and ambush you. In the next area several Repleon will appear out of nowhere and attack.

Continue on and you will discover another Location Point, Rainbow Falls. Little Paro will arrive and alert Adol and the others that there is an emergency at Castaway Village. Warp back to Castaway Village.

Dogi explains to Adol and the others that beasts have surrounded Castaway Village. Everyone discusses the situation around the campfire. Dogi setup a barricade to keep the village safe. The beasts are attacking from the shore and the mountains. Captain Barbaros proposes they split into two groups to attack the beasts. Adol, Laxia, and Sahad attack at the shore and the others will attack at the other point.

When you are ready, talk to Dogi to begin the raid.

Raid: Beast Raid![edit | edit source]

You will need to fight off three waves of beasts while protecting the barricade. The score you receive at the end will determine the rank achieved and rewards you receive.

After the first wave, Dogi will check on Adol to see how they are doing. He tells them that more beasts are coming and he will send people over to support when possible. Support skills will periodically be applied during the raid.

Once all waves are cleared, the castaways meet around the campfire. Future beast raids may occur so Dogi will build up fortifications and Captain Barbaros will send Little Paro to alert Adol for help.

Warp back to Towering Coral Forest and go to Rainbow Falls. Below is a chest that contains Iron Ore ×3. Climb the ivy and go to the bottom area. Along the way are two chests that contain Antidote ×3 and a Red Cape. Climb the ivy back to the top and across. Jump across the gap and open the chest on the platform to receive an Omelet Recipe. There is another chest at the bottom of the nearby ivy that contains a Strength Elixir.

In the next area, open the chest that contains a Ripe Coconut. The first exit leads to another bridge you can push over to open a path to previous area. The other exit has a crystal before it.

Adol and the others cross a log when they are suddenly attacked.

Boss: Clareon[edit | edit source]

  • Swing horned head
  • Flap wings and shoot a circular wind blade
  • Ram forward
  • Stick out tongue

Clareon attack from the log moving forward and backwards. After taking enough damage, it will shake the log and knock everyone off to the ground below. It will then hang from the bottom and attack.

  • Spit green poison
  • Summon Repleon
  • Swing head

After more damage, it will fall off the log and attack from the ground with similar attacks as before. Occasionally, it will camouflage and disappear before attacking again.

Towering Coral Forest
Towering Coral Forest
Made it through the Towering Coral Forest.

Once defeated go across the log and exit the forest.

Roaring Seashore[edit | edit source]

There is a chest towards the right that contains T's Note 2.

"I know how to hunt and fish, so I'm in good shape as far as survival is concerned."

"I've left no stone unturned, and yet I'm no closer to finding a way off this island..."

"I managed to build a raft, but the current was too strong. I didn't make it very far. Maybe I really am trapped here. Forever..."

"No, I can't give up yet. Not while I'm still alive."

T, T's Note 2

The left path has a giant boulder that requires 14 people to clear. The large tree, Metavolicalis is another Location Point. Next to it is a chest that contains a Ripe Mango.

On the shore is the castaway that Kiergaard mentioned. She introduces herself as Kathleen, a blacksmith. After criticizing their weapons, she says she could maintain their weapons but she would need a smithy. Adol and the others decide to escort Kathleen to Castaway Village and discuss with Captain Barbaros and Dogi. Back at the village, they build a smithy for Kathleen. She has a Flame Stone that she use to keep the furnace hot.

Weapons can be reforged to a new weapon if you have the required materials. Kathleen will give Adol Iron Ore ×5. Reforge one of the weapons. She can reforge the next tier of weapons if she gets another Flame Stone and she can also forge armor.