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"We are not the tools of any higher power. Each of us is the very embodiment of free will."

"Even so, there comes a time in every man's life when he must answer a call to destiny beyond human understanding. How will you respond when that moment strikes you?"

"Truly, nothing is more awe-inspiring than one who unceasingly pushes himself beyond the threshold of his courage and will."

"I had hoped to embody such an ideal myself. Even now, many decades later, my awe for her remains unwavering."

Adol Christin, Preface to "Travelogue of the Gaete Sea"

Adol Christin is gazing at the Gaete Sea while onboard the Lombardia, a passenger liner. Along with his friend Dogi, they are working on the ship in exchange for travel to Eresia. Dogi greets Adol and they have a conversation while on break. Later, Katthew, a sailor on the ship, joins them and lets them know break time is almost over. He tells Adol to go see Captain Barbaros.

A New Adventure
A New Adventure
Began a new adventure.

Head to the captain's quarters at the stern of the ship.

Captain Barbaros asks Adol if he knows of the Isle of Seiren. He explains how every ship that approaches the island mysteriously sinks and that he intends to keep a safe distance. He also asks Adol if he could provide security for a welcome party he is hosting for the passengers.

At the welcome party, Captain Barbaros gives a speech to the passengers. In the back, Katthew instructs Adol to patrol the passenger compartment and main deck.

You can talk to any passenger, but the ones with a "Main" speech bubble will advance the story. After talking to all four, go to the captain's quarters. Before going in, you hear a voice. Inside there is a girl in a sailor uniform. She tries to deceive Adol, but runs away in panic.

Go back to the passenger quarters and Katthew will ask how the patrol is going. He mentions Captain Barbaros was looking for Adol and should be in his quarters.

Go back to the captain's quarters. Captain Barbaros lets Adol know they are about to pass by the Isle of Seiren. Their conversation is interrupted by a loud noise and the ship swaying. Exit the room.

There is a large tentacle across the main deck. Adol approaches it and another one appears and attack Adol. Dogi comes running and throws a sword towards Adol.

Boss: Tentacle of the Unknown[edit | edit source]

The first battle teaches basic combat abilities of attacking, locking on, and evading. Keep attacking the tentacle and evade when it raises to attack. After enough damage, the tentacles will let go of the ship.

Several passengers cheer Adol for dealing with the threat, but the tentacles attack again. The ship is twisted around and Adol falls overboard. The animated opening then plays.