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As 2 cloaked figures appear, talk to, duel and defeat both of them. Go up one screen, for a strange cut-scene, and another duel.

Head left 2 screens, and watch the exchange between Rare Hunter and Espa Roba. Duel the Rare Hunter before he gets a chance to use you-know-what. Your rewards are a piece of you-know-what, and a chance to replenish your life points, after 4 consecutive duels.

Once you’re done, head to the bottom-left of the plaza, towards the Game shop, for a scene involving Serenity, Otogi and Honda. Go to the station, and head for Domino Harbor, then onto the ship, in time to save Mai from Pandora. Duel him, then head back to the world map, and back to Italy. Find (and save) Bonez, in a tough duel, to rid Italy of the menace.

Back to the world map again, and this time re-visit China, where Weevil has appeared, just in time to meet Umbra & Lumis. This is another of those great 'Tag' duels, which yet again, takes the form of a regular duel.

With China saved from the evil menace of people in purple robes, move onto the great country of Canada for another predictable duel, before finally moving back to the Galapagos, for an exchange between Mako and Strings.

Talk to Mako, agree to duel Strings, and then head back to Domino Plaza, for a dialogue between Espa Roba, and his brothers. With that over, head to the Kaiba Corp building for a cut-scene.

As the stage show erupts into chaos, Espa Roba takes a stand, against Rare Hunter, which ends in you dueling him.

After the duel, Jinzo attacks... Jinzo.. And the Gurus' Hunters leave the plaza, and head to the train station. Head to where Ishizu should be, talk to her replacement (Espa), enter the station, and go to the left-most location in Domino City. Head through the barriers, onto the train, and to the left of the carriage, to confront the cloaked figure. Beat him, and head through the carriage, for another duel with another generic cloaked figure. Repeat as necessary, and when informed by the guard, leave the train.

Approach the figures on the left for a duel, and then head into towards the barriers for yet another. Deal with either of the Gurus in the barrier room, and then follow them to the top-right exit, in time to watch Seto Kaiba's last stand. Seto insists on dealing with the Gurus himself, leaving you to hurry to the top-right exit, and a date with Bandit Keith.

Bandit, duelist, Gurus leader, and Bandit Keith holds Ishizu for ransom, and relieves you of your 6 Millennium Items. Unknown to Yugi, Keith already has the Millennium Puzzle, and one of the God Cards. Duel and defeat him, before he can summon it, and sit back, as Yugi summons Osiris. Keith's Millennium Puzzle responds to Osiris' presence, and transfers itself from Keith to Yugi, prompting an appearance from Yami, and a tearful reunion.

Before much can happen, Ra appears, and attacks Keith, who drops the God Card, and proceeds to die. Ishizu gives the card to the player, cue a strange cut-scene, Keith's resurrection, and the destruction of the Millennium Puzzle.

When Yugi stops crying, head out of the room, in time to witness Mokuba's kidnapping (at the hands of Para & Dox). Seto leaves, and gets replaced with Ominous Person In Black. Follow Seto, Ishizu and Ominous Person In Black out of the room, and head left, to the world map.

Take a trip to Domino Plaza, and talk to Mai, Weevil, Mako, Rex and Bonez, who will all leave. Once they've all left, head to the station, and onto China, for the mandatory appearance of Simon Muran. After the dialogue, head back to Domino Plaza, for some hot, hot Ishizu action.

After Ishizu finishes her piece, direct your attention towards Domino Station, where you can now visit Egypt. Head on over there by going left and talk to Rishid, who leads you to Marik.

Jounouchi fills Marik in on the whole Yami/Keith/Ra affair, which inexplicably prompts a duel.

Marik summons Ra and tells you to prepare for a tough endeavor. Leave Egypt, and head back to China, for more fun with Simon Muran. After the dialogue, go to the right, and duel with Ominous Person In Black for what must be the 10th time, already.

Your reward is passage to the right of the screen, and another duel with Ominous Person In Black.

Your reward is passage to the right of the screen, and another duel with Ominous Person In Black.

After beating Ominous Person In Black in this manner a few times he should disappear and allow your passage into the temple, for an exchange, with Simon Muran.

The idea here is that you need to give Simon the correct responses, or he sends you back to deal with Ominous Person In Black, for another 20 duels. Give him the following answers:

  • Bottom
  • Bottom
  • Top

..And it's time to duel!

Dispatch with Simon ONCE, and a new area will open up.