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Yuu Maze
Box artwork for Yuu Maze.
Developer(s)Daiei Seisakusho
Publisher(s)Taito Corporation
Release date(s)
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Family Computer Disk System
System(s)Famicom Disk System
TwitchYuu Maze Channel
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Yuu Maze (遊メイズ? lit. Recreation Maze) is an action game developed by Daiei Seisakusho for the Famicom Disk System and published in Japan by Taito Corporation in 1988. It is the only contemporary home conversion of Taito's arcade game Raimais. As a result, it is extremely similar to the arcade title, but it does contain a few key differences:

  • Unlike in Raimais, your vehicle The Organizer is not forced to drive forward continuously, and can come to a stop.
  • You only have two directions to choose from when traveling to the next round, as opposed to four.
  • You must complete 51 stages to reach the ending, 19 more than the arcade.
  • Reverse Rounds do not consist of fights with gigantic mechanical insects. Instead, they alternate between an Energy Plate collection challenge, and an enemy arena battle, both of which are timed.
  • Gun Cam does not appear when you complete Reverse Rounds, but rather after every ten rounds that you complete.
  • There is no special item that you must acquire in order to reach the good ending of the game.

Despite these alterations, the core gameplay of the Famicom version is remarkably faithful to the original arcade version. This version of the game even included a level editor which allowed you to save up to five custom level designs to the disk. Yuu Maze was not released outside of Japan.

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