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Zanac Duster Yellow.png
Zanac Duster Blue.png

Yellow: 60 points. Blue: 170 points. A meteor on a fixed course. Easily destroyed.

Yellow Dusters float passively and pose a little threat. They are encountered every time you start the game unless you've started a new game without resetting the console. Appearance of yellow dusters usually means that blue Dusters will fly onscreen soon.

Blue Dusters fly to the bottom of the screen in an arc and sometimes can slip past your notice, especially if they appear in large quantities (certain sections in areas 2 and 12) or when you're dealing with more dangerous foes.


Zanac Teruza Blue.png
Zanac Teruza Red.png

300 points. A round enemy with points, it comes in two colors. Easily destroyed. Although they have a rather erratic flight pattern, they follow exactly the same flight path determined by its color. They seem to appear more commonly only in certain aggression levels, but one to few of them might join in practically any time where System sends you non-predefined enemies.

  • Blue: Appears from the side of the screen, moves in a circular pattern and exits by moving to the opposite side of a top corner. This type of Teruza is more dangerous since it can appear without warning from the sides of the screen and destroy your ship. Blue Teruzas are often followed by red Teruzas.
  • Red: Appears on the top side of the screen where it moves downward in a wave-like pattern. After that, they exit the screen from mid-bottom.


Zanac Giza.png

1000 points. A round, cell-like enemy that soaks up firepower before being destroyed. Besides descending very slowly to the bottom of the screen, they are completely stationary, and it takes 16 shots to destroy one. They serve as shields for other enemies. In areas 3, 6 and 9, there are sections where they appear in masses.


Zanac Valkyrie.png

500 points. Valkyries appears suddenly and stay in one place, initially indestructible. Then, it will turn orange and begin chasing your ship. When orange, the Valkyrie can be destroyed by your ship's weapons. These appear mostly in predefined location or when extensively picking up special weapons 2 and 3 without dying. In the latter case (especially when hitting Eye-Eye), it can make them spawn in masses and thus making them a formidable enemy. They can be dangerous in a crowded screen and/or when they're below the ship or appear in groups. Valkyries take 5 hits to destroy.


Zanac Amber Blue.png
Zanac Amber Pink.png

300 points (Yellow: 500 points). Oval shaped, there are three types. Each type appears at the top center of the screen, releases its ammunition and exits from where it came from. Best way to destroy it is to stay near the center of the screen.

    • Blue: Descends from the center of the screen and then opens to release seven Leads in an arc. This type is very common.
    • Purple: Releases two Leads that will rotate in a circle parallel to each other while the Umber withdraws. Can be somewhat dangerous on a crowded screen, but the area they affect, is limited.
    • Yellow: Randomly scatters Leads. Yellow Umbers are quite rare (except in Area 6), but quite dangerous since they won't stop scattering Leads until they exit the screen. Also the area it spreads its Leads, is quite wide and the moving speed for Leads is higher than other Umbers.


Zanac Baybar Blue.png
Zanac Baybar Yellow.png

500 points. A ship with two knife-like edges at right angles from each other. Blue and yellow varieties swoop down from the top of the screen, dropping a single Lead in your direction before leaving. Blue ones drop down to one side of the screen while yellow ones swoop down to center of the screen. They are easily picked off when they're alone but are dangerous in crowded screen or when player's ship isn't on the lower part of a screen.


Zanac Raster Blue.png
Zanac Raster Yellow.png
Zanac Raster Pink.png

500 points (Purple: 800 points). The Luster scatters Leads in three directions. The cockpit of the ship sometimes open and close.

    • Blue: Descends slowly on the left or right hand side of the screen. When it's about halfway across the screen, it shoots 2 Leads to the opposite side of the screen.
    • Yellow: Descends on the left or right hand side of the screen, oscillating back and forth an inch or two as it descends. It shoots Leads to the opposite side of the screen slightly downward, but much more frequently than blue Luster, making them somewhat dangerous in a crowded screen. It's the least common of Lusters.
    • Purple: The most dangerous type and also quite common. It starts at the top of the screen and descends in a very wide arc that usually takes it behind your ship at the bottom of the screen. When it gets close to the very bottom of the screen it crosses from left to right (or vice versa) and shoots Leads at your direction. The trick is either to catch it as soon as it appears or hover near the *very* bottom row of the screen so you will still be underneath the Luster.


Zanac E-Fain.png

Types 1,4: 800 points. Type 2: 500 points. Type 3: 1000 points This spaceship comes in several types, but they're all coloured blue. Type 1, 3 and 4 take multiple hits to destroy.

    • Type 1: This type takes 2 hits to destroy, tends to appear in groups and will hang around the center of the screen, appearing to duck in and out of the background. They shoot leads at your direction when they're vulnerable. It can only be destroyed when a dark blue and above the background. Its swaying motion makes them harder to hit. This type of E-Fain won't leave the screen until it's destroyed. Appears only in set locations.
    • Type 2: Crosses the screen at the top, firing several Light Bars at ship's direction. Appears when the Aggression Level is high, but can be shot down with a single shot. It can be somewhat dangerous on a crowded screen.
    • Type 3: Descends from the top of the screen, scattering Leads directly to its left and right. This type of E-fain is generally a little threat and appears only in set locations. They take 6 hits to destroy.
    • Type 4: Appears at the top of the screen, releases a single Sig and then deploys Mios as a force field before continuing releasing Sigs. These become more common when aggression level is high or when player is attacking the fortress. The maximum number of Mios they deploy depends on current amount of sprites onscreen and thus can vary from 0 to 4 although it may also deploy only 1 Mio even when there are few enemies and bullets onscreen. They take 2 hits to destroy.


Zanac Roga Blue.png
Zanac Roga Yellow.png

Blue: 300 points. Yellow: 800 points. An oval shaped craft with four seams emerging from a central point. It opens to release Light Bars.

    • Blue: Descends on the left or right hand side. It releases a single Light Bar across the screen when horizontally aligned to Zanac. It's generally a small threat but light bar they fire, moves fast.
    • Yellow: Releases up to 8 Light Bars in an arc (usually fewer due to sprite cap), repeating at regular intervals. They appear commonly when the System thinks you're doing very good and once they appear, they won't leave player alone until a life is lost. Even clearing the screen doesn't stop their waves. They have a nasty tendency to crowd the screen, especially when they reach near the bottom of the screen.


Zanac Degeedo.png
Zanac Degeedo Back.png

300 points (Backwards: 800 points). An enemy shaped a little like a heart. It appears as two halves, one on either side of the screen. When your ship passes between them the two halves come together, crushing your ship between if it is unlucky enough to get caught. Special weapons 0 and 3 work very well against them. In quite a few fixed occasions, screen will be flooded with both types of Degids at the same time, most notably areas 5, 8 and 10.

    • Type 1: These are blue and come from the top of the screen.
    • Type 2: These are tan and come from the bottom. They appear only in set locations.

Mortar (Takuwashi)[edit]

Zanac Takuwashi.png

2000 points. A blue enemy with a noticeable muzzle at the front. It takes multiple hits to destroy Mortar. The Mortar sprays an unending stream of Sigs at you when directly above/below your ship and won't go away until it's destroyed, which can make it difficult to take out with weaker weaponry. Try to dodge left to right — the Mortar will follow but you will be able to get your shots through a little easier. Although normally it shoots toward the bottom of the screen it is more than happy to shoot upwards if it can get below you. If you have upgraded weapons, then destroying it with brute force from below by getting close to it and firing both conventional and special weaponry is also an option. Its numerous Sigs can be used to make numerous sets of Boxes appear.

Egg (Dorobu)[edit]

Zanac Dorobu.png

300 points (Each husk: 5000 points). A blue ship that descends from the top of the screen. Partway down it splits in half, releasing three Sigs and Egg husks will then float down the screen as well (one of them closer to you attempting to position itself in font of the ship). The Egg can easily be destroyed only when in one piece; the two halves are extremely durable and can only be destroyed with constant high firepower or something that clears the screen. It will even stand up to a direct hit from your ship. These can be annoyance when they tend to appear when attacking the fortress since they can block you from shooting cores of the fortress. Super Guns and upgraded weapon 0 are especially affected for its ability to get in the way.

T-Cell (Carla)[edit]

Zanac Carla.png

1000 points. These are red, organic looking blobs that first appear in Area 8 are, which seems to take place on or inside a huge alien creature or living planet. After that, they appear only in Area 11, but in much smaller numbers. The T-CELLs attack in waves and are indestructible to any weapon which does not clear the screen. However, they are destroyed when you ram them with your Zanac.


Zanac Yellow-Gohgose.png
Zanac Blue Gohgose.png
Zanac Red-Gohgose.png

Yellow: 800 points. Blue: 2000 points. Red: 4000 points. A ship that is larger than most of the other enemies, though not as large as Capital Ships. It has two vertical wings on either side of a narrow body. Their appearance varies from one type to another but they all take multiple hits to destroy.

    • Yellow: Has yellow wings with a blue center. Scatters Leads in three directions at a time — forward towards your Zanac and diagonally to the left and right. They can also shoot upwards. It takes 7 hits to destroy it.
    • Blue: Has blue wings and a yellow center. Scatters one Lead after another in alternating directions. It takes 4 hits to destroy it but it's more dangerous due to more random firing pattern and speed of Leads it fires.
    • Red: Has a red center with pointy, leg-like blue wings. It is one of the most dangerous of enemy types. It launches Sigs at player in groups of five. These appear commonly when picking up special weapon 2 and are quite dangerous. They tend to appear in pairs. Otherwise, they appear in Area 12 or when you haven't died a lot. It takes 7 hits to destroy it.