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Zanac Lead.png

60 points (500 points for rotation Leads). The basic, small round bullet. Fired by many enemies, released by some Boxes and Turrets. The standard guns and Special Weapon 0 (unless upgraded to maximum) do not destroy Leads, but Leads will destroy a Zanac. Leads fired by blue Umbers, Hume and Somasu are rotating.


Zanac Sig.png
Zanac Sig 2-Way.png
Zanac Sig Tria.png

60 points. Tways: 100 points. Trias: 170 points. Sig is the only projectile capable of appearing independently without being fired by ship, turret or core. These missiles descend in a straight line from the top of the screen alone or in bunches. They also emerge from Type 4 E-Fains, Eggs, Mortars and self-destructing Capital Ships. When they appear in bunches (two Sigs are known as Tways, and three Sigs are known as Trias), they split partway down the screen. When enemy aggression is low, their appearance alone and sometimes in Tways is most common. When it's high, they will show up much more frequently and in Trias and Tways. When they are together, then both 2 or all 3 of them can be killed in one shot, but it's worth a bit less points that way.

Light Bar[edit]

Zanac Light Bar.gif

10 points. A almond or football shaped projectile released by some Turrets, Logas, and other enemies. It can be destroyed by any weapon.


Zanac Mio.png

500 points. The rotation bolt employed by E-Fains and Somasu capital ship as a force field barrier. It has a high degree of durability, but are easily destroyed due to their tendency of getting in a way.


Zanac Beruo.png

500 points. A rotating bolt which the core of a fort, the Round Eye, shoots. It is especially dangerous when fired off in large quantities, since its orbit can be difficult to predict. It is similar to rotating Lead except rotation speed is a bit slower. Beruo takes 4 shots to destroy.

Super Hard Bolt[edit]

Zanac Hard Bolt.png

100 points. The bolt fired by the Capital Ship Soreido. Although it is very slow, it is quite durable. Fortunately maneuvering around these aren't too difficult due to their slow speed.


Zanac Blom.png

100 points. The bolt which the brains of the last fortress shoot. It drifts vertically and horizontally and its course is changed at random.