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Ground targets are enemies that are stationary. There are 2 kinds of ground unit: those who are a hazard to you and will attack and things that will give you a bonus when destroyed. Ground targets appear always in fixed locations.


Turret 1[edit]

Zanac Turret 1.png
Zanac Turret 1a.png
Zanac Turret 1b.png

800 points. These common turrets fire Leads at your ship. Many turrets appear as accessories to Fortresses. This is the most dangerous type of turret, especially if it slips by.

Turret 2[edit]

Zanac Turret 2.png

1000 points. This type of turret discharges a Light Bar to one side or the other.

Turret 3[edit]

Zanac Turret 3.png

1000 points. This type of turret discharges four Light Bars in each diagonal direction.

Turret 4[edit]

Zanac Turret 4.png

500 points. The final turret type fires Light Bars in one direction. It is very common for these turrets to appear in a set of four on a fortress, one in each direction.


Zanac Grok.png

500 points. A square building made up of four smaller squares. These buildings do not attack, and are simply destroyed for points.

Weapon Distro[edit]

Zanac Weapon Distro.png

300 points. As you fly over the terrain, you may occasionally encounter Special Weapon distribution sites. These appear as targets on the ground with a number next to them. When you shoot these targets, the icon for that particular special weapon will appear, and slowly float to the top of the screen, regardless of your ship's speed.


Zanac Tank.png

500 points. These round domes release a random Special Weapon upgrade when shot. The weapon inside is determined by the amount of shots you've fired.


Zanac Icon 1.png
Zanac Icon 2.png

100,000 points. A statue on the ground which releases an Enemy Erase (see the Items page).

    • Type 1 Icons are the most common. They have eyes and no mouth. They release normal Enemy Erasers which clear the screen.
    • Type 2 Icons have eyes and a big grin. There is typically one of these per level, often located very close to a Type 1 Icon. This releases Enemy Erases which transform in Warp Balls over time, and let you warp to another level.

When appearing near fortresses, Icons can usually be destroyed with vast amounts of firepower for large amounts of points.

Eye Eye[edit]

Zanac Eye Eye.png

300,000 points. A large smiling face on the ground, like an oversized ICON. When you shoot it the eyes will open and it will automatically give you super guns and upgrade your special weapon by one level (it's easy to get your special weapon to maximum that way). If screen scrolls relatively slowly, you can continue firing at Eye Eye for large amount of points. Eye Eyes are only found in Areas 3, 5, 8, 11 and 12.


Zanac Terrier.png

0 points. A Rio fairy will appear if you hit the Terrier with ten shots. Except for Area 3, Terriers are hidden away in the background, and are easy to miss. They are found in Areas 3, 4, 6, 10, and 12.