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The mystery of Kasuto[edit]

By blowing the Whistle, you can create a tune that dispels the River Devil. With the path way open, you can travel to southern East Hyrule. However, as you traverse the mountain path, you will enter sections where Lizardmen ambush you by throwing rocks at you from the cliff tops. In two sections, an Orange Lizardman will also confront you, while in the middle section you will encounter a Basilisk.

Adventure of Link South East Hyrule.png
Map location key
A Old Kasuto Town
B New Kasuto Woods
C Three Eye Rock
a Point Bag Cave
b Kasuto Cave
1 Heart Container
2 Points Bag

Old Kasuto Town[edit]

The only obvious sign of civilization in South East Hyrule is the town located at the spot labeled A on the map. There are two ways to reach it. You can take the long way by walking around the lake, or you can take the shortcut by taking the north bridge. If you take the north bridge, you will be subjected to a difficult side scrolling challenge across a bridge with many gaps, and a number of fierce Bagobagos flying out of the water. Of course, you'll have to encounter the same thing when you cross the southern bridge, so ultimately, there's no way to avoid it.

When you cross the southern bridge, you can access Kasuto Town. However, what you'll find is a deserted shambles of a town, with broken buildings, and invisible forces that harm you as you walk around. It turns out that the town is infested with invisible Moas, and you do not yet possess the item that will allow you to see them. If you at least enter the very first building, the man inside will inform you that you should explore the woods to the east.

Exploring New Kasuto Woods[edit]

In order to reach the east woods, you must travel through Kasuto Cave (label b on the map). Slightly out of the way is another cave (label a on the map) that contains some fierce enemies and a 500 point bag at the very end. When you enter Kasuto Cave, you may wish to cast Fire so that you can battle the Tektites that occupy the first segment. Lizardmen occupy the second segment. Only enter into combat with them if you truly need the experience points. Otherwise continue on to the exit.

Once you reach the woods, it will not be immediately clear what to do. It turns out that your Hammer can be of some use here. If you use the Hammer on adjacent forest tiles, you will knock down the trees and create meadows. However, inside one particular northern tile, you will uncover the new location of Kasuto Town. Head inside and explore.

You will come upon an old woman in blue who says you deserve her help. Follow her inside and you will find another woman who explains that there is a secret at the edge of town. Further inside the basement of the house, you will find the fourth Magic Container Adventure of Link Magic Container.png, which will extend your magic meter to eight full bars. Heading back out, you will find another house in the second segment of town with an open door. Inside you will find a fireplace at the end. Push up to explore the fireplace, and you will discover the town's Wizard who will teach you magic known only as Spell  (Link can acquire this with only three magic containers, but if you've followed the strategy guide up to this point, you will already have acquired the fourth). Finally, when you walk all the way to the third segment of town, you will find… nothing. At least, it will appear like nothing. Read the spoiler below to discover the secret.

The secret of Kasuto Town
When you reach the dead end of Kasuto Town, it may not be apparent what you should do. It turns out that the magic taught to you by the Wizard in this town is the key. If you cast Spell by the dead end, a building will rise out of the ground. If you go in and explore it, you will find the Magic Key x16px, and item required to help you complete the hidden sixth palace.

Investigate Three Eye Rock[edit]

Three Eye Rock is another mysterious place in Hyrule. When you travel from Kasuto Town to Three Eye Rock, you will probably have a good opportunity to explore the location labeled 1 on the map. If you do, you will happily discover the fourth and final Heart Container Adventure of Link Heart Container.png which will grant you eight full bars in your health meter, provided you have found the other three. Three Eye Rock is obviously a location of significance, but once again, it is up to you to discover the mystery behind it.

The secret of Three Eye Rock
If you stand in the very center of Three Eye Rock, and blow the Flute, the tune will cause the hidden sixth palace to rise out of the desert directly below you. Enter the palace to place the final crystal in its required statue.

Hidden Palace[edit]

There are two ways to play this palace. If by some chance, you have reached it with all three attributes at level 8 (or with just strength at level 7), you really don't need to explore the palace for the sake of gathering experience points and point bags. In that case, you should opt to move as quickly through the palace as possible, since it can be quite challenging and demanding of both your magic and health meters. On the other hand, if you're not quite close to the highest levels, you may need to spend a little extra time here to build up Link's levels.

Adventure of Link Palace6 map.png
  • A: If you're building up experience points, start by collecting the 100 point bag to the right of the elevator. Then head to the left to room B to find more experience points, taking care to avoid the Bubbles as you progress. Otherwise, continue riding the elevator and head immediately down to room C.
  • B: This room contains two Blue Paltumas, a Fire Moa, and some Kobolds. Not more than half way into the room, you will locate the 200 point bag. You're probably best off collecting it and turning around so as not to risk further injury to Link, or loss of experience points. Return to room A and take the elevator down to room C.
  • C: If you don't have the Magic Key, you'll never make it past this point. Return to the outside and hunt it down. If you have it, unlock the door. If you're concerned with the Wizzrobes, or need experience points, cast Reflect to defeat them, and fight the Helgooma near the end. Proceed to room D.
  • D: Upon your first visit to this room, you will encounter a Blue Ironknuckle just before a pit in the floor. You can either attack it and attempt to defeat it before the pit, or you can literally push it back until it falls into the pit. Then jump over the gap, and unlock the next door while fighting a second Ironknuckle. Jump up the steps to room E.
  • E: There are some Wizzrobes here which you will encounter between a set of statue heads. If you're not low on magic, cast Reflect to pass the Wizzrobes faster. Advance on to room F.
  • F: There is a block structure here that encapsulates a Blue Ironknuckle, while some Bubbles bounce around. If you need the experience, fight the Ironknuckle and pick up the 100 point bag beyond him. Otherwise, jump up and over the block structure to reach the platform over the elevator. Pass beyond the elevator to room G.
  • G: This room is a deceptively tricky room. There is an invisible gap in the floor between the third and fourth pillars. At first, it may appear that the best way to bypass this room is to cast Fairy and fly over the gap. However, the wall of blocks will prevent a Fairy from passing. Instead, cast Jump and make a leap of faith after passing the third pillar. You should land safely on the other side, and be able to knock a hole in the wall to advance to room H. In the meantime, watch out for the Wizzrobes and the Fire Moa.
  • H: If you recall the boss of the third palace, you will have to face a repeat version; the Blue Ironknuckle atop a floating horse. Defeat him exactly as you did before, only this time it should be easier, since you should be stronger. Once you defeat him, a key will fall, but this key is useless since you already have the Magic Key. Advance to the locked door beyond, and collect the Cross Adventure of Link Cross.png, a special item which will enable you to see the invisible Moa that haunt the various locations in south eastern Hyrule, including Old Kasuto. With the Cross in hand, you have some choices. Ultimately, you must return to room D and fall down the pit. Along the way, you can fall down the invisible pit in room G to explore rooms I and J if you like, but there's no reason to other than to collect experience points.
  • I: You presumably arrived in this room by falling through the invisible pit in the floor of room G. At the far right side of the room, you will find a 200 point bag beyond the Red Ironknuckle. After you collect the bag, return to the left to room J. Another Red Ironknuckle and a Fire Moa appear in this room as well.
  • J: If you arrived from room I, you will be greeted by a Blue Paltuma dropping to the ground. A Wizzrobe may also appear to blast Link with magic. Another Blue Paltuma will wait for you closer to the elevator. Get through the room and ride the elevator back up to room F. If you have successfully collected the Cross, make your way back to room D and fall down the pit to room K. Otherwise, return to the right to room G and attempt to collect the Cross once more.
  • K: This rooms only means of escape is through the gap in the floor below. Two Blue Ironknuckles occupy the room, one on either side. Defeat the one on the left if you wish to collect the 200 point bag that it guards. Otherwise, fall down to room L.
  • L: Note that if you are low on health, or need to return to the outside, you will need to fall down to room M and fall once more to return to room D, and make your way back out of the palace. Otherwise, jump off the bridge and land to the right, unlock the door, and take on the Blue Ironknuckle before proceeding to room N.
  • M: Two Bubbles float around this otherwise vacant room. There is a 200 point bag in the left corner of the room. Falling through the gap in the floor will complete the cycle and return you all the way back to room D.
  • N: Bust through the wall to reach the first gap that you must jump. Ra statue heads will fly through this area, and it would be a good idea to jump up and defeat them with the Downward Thrust before proceeding, no matter how long it takes. If they hit you mid-jump, you are bound to fall in the lava. Likewise, be especially careful around the Myus the line the floors of certain platforms. If it looks like they are going to fling themselves over the side of a ledge, let them before proceeding. Reach the right side to advance to room O.
  • O: You'll deal with a couple of Wizzrobes and a Red Ironknuckle as you pass through this room. Nothing too extraordinary. Continue on to room P.
  • P: Naturally, there is only one way to pass this gigantic gap: Cast the spell of Fairy and fly across the room. You'll have to dodge some bubbles and a pair of dripping pillar tops, but there are no other threats besides the lava below. Cross the room to reach room Q.
  • Q: A Blue Paltuma will drop down when you enter this room. You may notice a Fire Moa flying around as well. Unlock the door, and pass the elevator. Watch out for the Myu that awaits you, and proceed to room R.
  • R: You'll have to rumble once more with a horse riding Blue Ironknuckle. Defeat him just as you did before, and collect the useless key that falls from the ceiling to proceed to room S.
  • S: When you reach the middle of this room, you will find a gap with a crumbling bridge in the middle. Naturally you will fall down below. The only reason to cast Jump  and reach the opposite side, is if you are in desperate need of the 1-Up Doll Adventure of Link 1-Up Doll.png that awaits you in the far right side of the room. Of course, it won't be easy to collect, as it is guarded by a Blue Ironknuckle and two Bubbles back to back. Otherwise, proceed to fall down to room T.
  • T: The very first time you fall through here, you may notice that there is absolutely no place to land, and you will likely fall through to room U. The second time you fall through here (or if you know about this room in advance), be prepared to cast the Fairy  spell, and fly up to the narrow tunnel along the right side which will lead Link to the boss of the palace. You'll pass a Blue Paltuma, which you can return and fight if you need the experience points.
  • U: If you did not cast Fairy as you fell through T, you will wind up here. Ultimately, you need to travel to room V on the left, but if you remain along the top of the bridge, you might wish to investigate the Ironknuckle statue on the right. If you're lucky, it may drop a red potion when you strike it, or it may become a Red Ironknuckle and fight you.
  • V: You'll face two Red Ironknuckles and a Fire Moa as you traverse this room to the left and reach room W.
  • W: A rather dangerous room, you will encounter a Blue Paltuma, as well as a couple of Wizzrobes as you proceed to the elevator. The only reason to continue on the left and investigate room X to the left is if you wish to collect the point bag buried beneath the blocks. Otherwise, ride the elevator up to room Y.
  • X: Going after the 200 point bag below the blocks can be a very risky endeavor at this point. A large quantity of Mau statue heads will float through the room shooting at you. If they touch you, they will drain experience points as well as health. Evaluate the situation very carefully before putting Link at risk.
  • Y: Simple an elevator shaft, ride the elevator back up to return to room Q to make another attempt at reaching the boss room.


The dragon known as Barba occupies the lava baths that dot the floor of this room. He rises from one of them at random, and fires a blast of flaming breath at Link. His only weak point, quite naturally, is his head. It would be a good idea to cast Shield and Jump in preparation for this battle if you have the magic available. As Barba rises out of the lava, you can strike his head from the floor if you can quickly anticipate which gap he will choose. Likewise, you can strike his head on the way down. Otherwise, you will have to jump up and strike his head while he hovers above you. If you cast Jump, you can likely use the Downward Thrust technique against, but make sure that you will end up landing on an opposite platform; in other words, never attempt to use that technique against him if he rises from the far left gap, as there is no safe platform to land on. Once Barba is defeated, collect the key that falls and unlock the door to the left in order to insert the sixth and final crystal into its resting place.

One last destination[edit]

With the western region of this portion of Hyrule yet unexplored, Link will have to travel quite far in order to reach the final Palace where the Triforce of Courage is protected. However, before you begin your trek along the dangerous lava flows, you must visit the decimated town of Old Kasuto once more. With the Cross, you will be able to see the dangers that float about. Provided you have collected every magic container in Hyrule (i.e. have a full eight bars of magic), you should return to the old man who remains in the first house of Old Kasuto. If you visit him again, he will teach you the final spell of Thunder, the most powerful magic, and a spell which Link cannot finish his quest without.