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Exploring the cemetery[edit]

With the entire western continent of Hyrule explored, Link must search elsewhere for the location of the third palace. People in Mido Town speak of a guy named Error, living in Ruto, who may know something about reaching the Island Palace. After paying a visit to him, he mentions the King's Tomb. Perhaps that could be of some significance.

Adventure of Link Island Palace.png
Map location key
A Harbor Town of Mido
B Island Palace
a False Tomb cave
1 King's Tomb
2 1-Up Doll

The false grave[edit]

The cemetery is a scary place to be, with enemy encounters appearing quite close to you, making them difficult to avoid. If you are concerned about your health, all of the spaces adjacent to the King's Tomb are treated like roads, and will result in an empty encounter. Note that a 1-Up Doll Adventure of Link 1-Up Doll.png can be found to the south west of the cemetery along the beach (label 2 on the map).

One man in Mido Town suggests that you speak with Error in Ruto Town. It's a long trek, but Error tells you that south of the King's Tomb (label 1 on the map) exists a tunnel. Looking at the map, all you can see are tombstones, but if you actually walk south from the King's Tomb, you will fall into a pit (around the area labeled a on the map). This is the false grave.

Upon landing, a herd of Lowder will rush to attack you. You can easily make short work of them. Looking around, you find a very high tunnel to the right, and an exit to the left. If you did not learn the spell of Fairy from the Wizard in Mido Town, you will have no choice but to take the exit. If you have learned the spell, this is an excellent time to try it out. By transforming into a fairy, you become unable to attack, but you can fly around the screen, anywhere you like. Use this technique to climb into the high tunnel and exit out of the right side. In the second section, various creatures will get in your way, including one Blue Goriya who will make your exit difficult.

You will find yourself on a small island with a beach path that circles around to the opposite side. The Island Palace can be found here.

Island Palace[edit]

Both techniques learned in Mido Town, the Fairy  spell and the Downward Thrust, are essential to reaching and clearing this palace. High levels of power, magic, and health are also quite helpful. The first Key that you find will be trapped under stones, but this should be no problem. By combining the Downward Thrust with the Power Glove Adventure of Link Power Glove.png, you can easily break through and grab the Key. Although the palace seems easy at first, the boss is a force to fear.

Adventure of Link Palace3 map.png
Fairy benefits
Not only can transforming into a fairy help you reach new locations, it has one other undocumented feature; Fairies can slip past locked doors. If you are struggling to find your way in a palace, and you come upon a locked door, you could transform into a Fairy and fly through the lock and on to the other side. This generally isn't recommended, however, for two reasons. First, there are enough keys in each palace for every door. If you keep looking, you are certain to find them. Second, considering each spell you cast grants you a one way trip through the door, you will need enough magic to cast Fairy again if you ever need to get back to the other side, unless it's a dead-end room with an item inside. And Fairy can be rather expensive to cast.
  • A: In the very first room, you will be introduced to two new enemies; The mace chucking Helgoomas, and the helmeted skeletons known as Paltamus. They are comparable to the earlier Gooma and Stalfos enemies, but they are much stronger. Defeat the Helgooma with the Downward Thrust, and fight the Paltuma with low strikes.
  • B: Most of the floor of this room is composed of breakable blocks. Myus line the floor which can only be defeated with a Downward Thrust. However, combined with the Power Glove, you are likely to break holes in the floor. Kobolds also run through the room and a likely to fall in the holes you create, increasing the likelihood of getting stuck inside with you, causing you to lose experience points. If you can, ignore the Myu, and focus on the Kobolds.
  • C: A single Fire Moa floats around the room, while near the middle, blocks rain down on the floor from the ceiling. You can race through it quickly, or you can take a break under the platform where the blocks are falling and break a hole through the resulting avalanche.
  • D: This room is much like room B. The good news is, there are no Kobolds. The bad news is a Helgooma is waiting you on the right side of the room. On your way, you will notice a key and a P bag. A Downward Thrust is all it takes to fish both of them out.
  • E: Some Myus walk on the tops of the block platforms. A pair of Red Ironknuckles await beneath them. You can confront them for the 100 experience points each that they grant you, or you can simply cast Jump and avoid them altogether. Either way, pass above the elevator and jump over the gap to reach room F.
  • F: Unique to this palace is a room that is open to the outdoors. A Fire Moa and a Red Ironknuckle guard the key that you need to collect at the opposite end of the room. Grab it and return to room E, and ride the elevator down to room G.
  • G: Upon arriving, immediately unlock the door to the right, and head to room H. Watch out for the Mau head statues that float across the room.
  • H: Break through the wall, and defeat or dodge the Bot on the other side. Collect the key in the middle of the room and fight against the Red Ironknuckle. Then break through the opposite wall to room I.
  • I: Defeat the Red Ironknuckle, and then advance to your first fight with a Blue Ironknuckle. The Blue Ironknuckle likes to fire beams from his sword at you. However, when you strike him, he goes into a frenzy firing many beams at you. You can use your shield to block the beams. Alternate between going on the offense and defending yourself from his response. When he is defeated, collect the Raft Adventure of Link Raft.png beyond the door, which will take you out to sea, where you can find the remaining palaces. Return to room G and continue on to Room J.
  • J: You'll have to fight against a Red Ironknuckle before you can unlock the door. Continue past the elevator and advance to the next Ironknuckle. Defeat it and continue on to room K.
  • K: This room is primarily composed of breakable blocks and a never ending supply of Mau head statues. You will never be able to completely eliminate the Maus, so you must do your best to work around them. You'll need to collect the key at the opposite end of the room, and you'll need to break the blocks in such a way as to get in and get out just as quickly, so as not to take too much damage (or lose too much experience points.) Return to room J, and ride the elevator down to room L.
  • L: Face off against the Red Paltuma, and move on to the Helgooma waiting for you at the other end. Along the way, you will spot a P bag waiting atop one of the high platform. If you like, activate the Jump spell, and jump up to collect it for 100 points. Continue on to room M.
  • M: The middle row is the only way to reach the exit, but as you climb down (or jump up) into it, you'll find yourself squeezed between a fierce Red Ironknuckle, and a fiercer Blue Ironknuckle. With the low ceiling, it's actually easier to strike multiple times and dispatch them very quickly. A Red Ironknuckle guards a 100 point P bag on the bottom row, but that path is not required. The middle row will lead you to the boss room.
  • !: The boss of this palace is a Blue Ironknuckle that rides into the room on horseback. He attempts to joust you with his lance. While mounted on the horse, Ironknuckle is indestructible. The horse, however, is not so lucky. You can use the Downward Thrust against the horse's head as it advances on you. You do not even need to reduce the horse's health meter all the way before it bucks the Ironknuckle off and runs away. However, once this occurs, the Ironknuckle will start with his own full health meter. He is not so different from the Blue Ironknuckles that you have encountered before, he just throws more sword beams than usual. Stick to the tried and true strategy of jumping up and slashing at his head as you drop back down to the ground, and you will defeat him. Place the third crystal in the statue and earn your bonus level.

Off to a new world[edit]

Now that you've collected the Raft, it's time to explore the continents on the Eastern hemisphere of Hyrule. A dock awaits you just south of Mido Town. Head over to it and set sail.