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Enemy Drops[edit]

Enemy drops are provided for every sixth enemy kill. Instead of earning the usual experience point amount for the sixth consecutive enemy kill that you perform, a potion or point bag will fall to the ground for Link to collect. Link must duck down and stab these items with his sword in order to collect them.

Item Name Description
Adventure of Link Blue Potion.png Blue Potion Collect the blue potion to restore 16 magic points, the equivalent of one block of his magic meter.
Adventure of Link Red Potion.png Red Potion The red potion is capable of restoring 128 magic points (8 blocks of the meter). This means if you have less than 8 blocks in your magic meter, you can cast a spell and still potentially fill your magic meter. Red Potions can also be found by striking certain statues with your sword.
Adventure of Link Points Bag.png Point Bag Point Bags will automatically provide Link with a set number of experience points. Basic enemies drop Point Bags that are worth 50 experience points, while stronger enemies may drop 200 Point Bags. Bags with even more points can be found in set locations around Hyrule.

Collectible Items[edit]

Item Name Description
Adventure of Link Key Normal.png Key Possession of these keys is required to completely navigate through each of the six palaces. Any normal key can be used to open any door, but only once.
Adventure of Link Heart Container.png Heart Container Link starts his quest with four heart containers. There are four other hidden Heart Containers throughout Hyrule. Each one of these extends Link's health meter by one further block.
Adventure of Link Magic Container.png Magic Container Just like Heart containers, Link starts his quest with four magic containers. Upon his quest, he can come across another four, which are hidden throughout Hyrule.
Adventure of Link 1-Up Doll.png 1-Up Doll These extremely rare items can extend Link's chances by one life. Finding them is extremely helpful. But you can only collect them once.

Quest Items[edit]

In order to obtain help from certain townsfolk, Link must perform quests that will aid them before they will return the favor and be of aid to him.

Item Name Description
Adventure of Link Statue.png Statue A woman in Ruto town complains of having a precious family statue stolen from them. it has been taken to a cave in the desert to the north of the North Palace where Princess Zelda sleeps.
Adventure of Link Medicine.png Medicine A mother who lives in the port town of Mido by the cemetery is desperate for someone to help cure her son's illness. Only a special vial of Medicine hidden away in a swamp cave whose entrance is blocked by a large boulder can help him.
Adventure of Link Lost Child.png Lost Child Another mother in the mountain town of Darunia had her child kidnapped and stolen away from her. You must discover the child's location on Maze Island and reunite him with the mother.

Inventory Items[edit]

Unless otherwise specified, the use of these items is automatic.

Item Name Location Description
Adventure of Link Candle.png Candle Parapa Palace Before Link obtains the candle, he will find caves dark and dangerous, with enemies concealed by the darkness. This item can be found in Parapa Palace.
Adventure of Link Hammer.png Hammer Death Mountain Many large boulders block roads and cave entrances throughout Hyrule. Only the might of the hammer can smash through these boulders and give Link a chance to explore what lies beyond. It can also cut down trees and reveal hidden secrets. The Hammer is hidden away in the depths of Death Mountain. To use it, press A button when standing in front of a boulder or a patch of trees on the overworld map screen.
Adventure of Link Power Glove.png Power Glove Midoro Palace With the strength of the power glove added to his sword hand, Link gains the ability to smash through certain kinds of blocks that can be found throughout palaces. This glove can be found in Midoro Palace.
Adventure of Link Raft.png Raft Island Palace The main land of Hyrule only contains the first half of Link's quest. After completing the Island Palace, which is where the Raft can be found, he must travel across the sea to another continent to complete his mission.
Adventure of Link Boots.png Boots Maze Palace Not all of the palaces in Hyrule can be reached by natural means. One palace is far out in the ocean, and there is no dock from which to launch a raft. The magic boots found in the Labyrinth Palace give Link the ability to walk over certain parts of the ocean.
Adventure of Link Flute.png Flute Ocean Palace Link must reach the southern Kasuto regions of Hyrule to complete his quest, but a large monster blocks the mountain path. No weapon will give Link the ability to defeat him; but only the dulcet tones of the Flute can calm the savage River Devil. The Flute is obtained from the Ocean Palace. To use it, press B button when standing on the overworld map screen.
Adventure of Link Key Magic.png Magic Key New Kasuto One of the sacred treasures of the Hidden City of Kasuto. Once link obtains this item, all palace doors requiring keys can now be opened with this single item.
Adventure of Link Cross.png Cross Hidden Palace The treasure of the 6th palace of Hyrule. It grants Link the power to see the invisible Moa which haunt many regions of southern Hyrule.