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Travel to Mido Town[edit]

With the hammer in hand, the remainder of Western Hyrule is now open for Link to explore, including the otherwise isolated port town of Mido as well as several caves whose entrances are blocked by boulders. Link would do well to spend his time exploring every inch of those caves and identifying the secrets they contain.

Adventure of Link Hyrule East South West.png
Map location key
A Saria Town
B Mido Town
C Midoro Palace
a Medicine cave
b Heart cave
c Experience cave
1 Fairy Woods
2 King's Tomb
3 Red Potion

Assuming you are following along with the walkthrough, you will have left Death Mountain through Mido Cave on the right. That will deposit you on the west side of the long bridge that flanks the very bottom of the map above. To cross it, you will have to travel through two side scrolling segments. The left segment contains two Moblins while the right segment contains a deadly Daira. When you arrive on the opposite side, you will be standing before the great cemetery. A path along the west side of the cemetery allows for safe encounter-free travel to Mido Town. Chancing upon an encounter within the cemetery pits you against deadly experience stealing Moas. Escape from these encounters as quickly as you can.

Alternatively, if you collected the hammer and returned to Saria Town, you can follow the road north across the bridge, and then east to the boulder which blocks the path to Mido Town. Smash the boulder and you will be on your way to Mido.

Mido Town[edit]

Striking down
The Downward Thrust technique is especially useful against powerful enemies because it allows Link to attack them while remaining over their head and out of their range. Of course, the Downward Thrust isn't useful against all enemies. Skull headed Stalfos and the helmeted Ironknuckles are among those immune to this attack. More difficult enemies such as Red Dairas and the palace Goomas are susceptible to it, and can even be held in place until they are defeated if attacked just right.

Mido Town has two special lessons to teach Link. One is a magic spell, as usual, but the other is a powerful offensive technique that vastly improves Link's range of attack. One of the former soldiers of the Hyrule army hides in a sanctuary of Mido Town. As Link strolls through the town, he may notice a chapel with a door on the second floor. Ordinarily, Link cannot reach that door, but with the magic of the Jump spell, Link can reach the door with a little bit of a running jump. Once Link passes through the door, he will find the soldier in the back room. Upon speaking with the soldier, Link will obtain the Downward Thrust technique, which you can employ by jumping in the air and pressing Down dpad.

To obtain the magical spell of Mido Town, you'll have to do a little more leg work. An old woman will appear from the first house in the third segment, begging for someone to help her ill child. To provide your assistance, you'll have to trek back to the west side of Hyrule, specifically to a cave in the marsh which is blocked by a boulder (label a on the map). Smash the boulder with your Hammer and step inside. Be sure to learn the Downward Thrust technique first, because you will find a series of Dairas inside, guarding the precious contents of the cave. Knowing this technique will almost certainly make defeating the Dairas a less dangerous task. In the back of the cave, you will discover a flask containing a special kind of Medicine Adventure of Link Medicine.png: just the kind needed by the old woman in Mido Town. Return to her and present the medicine, and she will gratefully invite you into her home, where the Wizard inside will teach you the spell of Fairy, a magic which is not needed until you are ready to tackle the third palace, Island Palace.

Travel to Midoro Palace[edit]

On your way from Mido Town to Midoro Palace, there are a few locations worth noting. South of Mido Town lies the King's Tomb (label 2 on the map), which serves as an important landmark. To the west of the King's Tomb, on the other side of the mountains lies a patch of woods in the middle of a small beach (label 1 on the map), where a fairy can heal your wounds if necessary.

It would be wise to follow the road up to the north, and approach the boulder-blocked cave to the east (label b on the map). If you brave the depths of this cave, you will be rewarded with the second Heart Container Adventure of Link Heart Container.png, which will increase your health meter from five bars to six. On the opposite side of the road lies another boulder in front of a cave. Smash the boulder and explore this cave to discover a more common, but nonetheless valuable 200 point bag.

On your way to Midoro Palace, you may notice some non-marsh areas which designate safe zones from enemy encounters. The path farthest from the palace itself (label 3 on the map) contains a red potion that someone dropped on the ground. Use the spell of Life before collecting it if necessary. Then continue on to the palace, stopping at the safe zones if you wish to minimize Link's contact with the enemy.

Midoro Palace[edit]

Before you enter this palace, try to ensure that your sword level is at least around 4. Otherwise, the battles of this palace will be very difficult. As you enter, strike the statue at the palace door. When you do, either a red potion or an Ironknuckle will appear. If it's an enemy and your health is low, run off to the left and return. Cast Life  before or immediately after collecting the Red Potion.

Adventure of Link Palace2 map.png
  • A: Two pillars drip a dangerous red liquid. Occasionally, they drip blue drops that turn into Bots. A Blue Stalfos guards the exit to the left, but when you first arrive, take the elevator down to room B.
  • B: This room is occupied primarily by Blue Arnels, the hopping snake heads which some say resemble helmets. A Bubble awaits to the left, but when you first arrive, continue down to room C.
  • C: A few Bots hang out at the bottom of a staircase of blocks. The statue attached to the wall fires small orbs of energy which Link must avoid, or block with his shield. Continue to the right to room D.
  • D: Two Goomas protect the room. You'll have to time your approach over the platforms so as to avoid getting hit by the clubs that they throw. Once you're inside their range, defeat them quickly. Collect the key at the end of the room. Then return to room B and head to the left to room E.
  • E: A Bot greets you when you enter the room, but the real threat is the two Blue Stalfos that wait deeper into the room. Defeat them both and collect the key at the end of the room. Then return to room B, ride the elevator up to room A, and run to the left to room F, taking on another Stalfos as you proceed.
  • F: While you will recognize the Bots, a new enemy, the statue head known as Ra, will make their first appearance. The Ra move up and down in a wave motion. They are very strong, and take a number of hits to defeat. For this reason, it may be safer to jump over them, or attack them to stun them and move through them. If you do attack them, try to rely on a straight up and down Downward Thrust. Unlock the door and continue to room G.
  • G: More Bots occupy this room, along with two dripping pillars. Approach the platforms carefully; don't allow the Bots to knock you off and into the lava. Collect the key in the middle of one of the platforms, jump over the gaps, and continue to room H.
  • H: There are two Orange Ironknuckles here, waiting for their chance to attack you. The right one hangs out near a dripping pillar, while the left one hangs out near a Bubble. Attack both carefully and proceed to room I. Remember that the Downward Thrust does not work on Ironknuckles.
  • I: This hallway is relatively empty aside from the Bubbles on the left side. As you drop down the stairs, strike the statue head with your sword to reveal a red potion. Cast Life  before collecting the potion. Then avoid the Bubbles as you approach the elevator. Take it down to room J.
  • J: A Blue Arnel waits for you on either side of the elevator. A Blue Stalfos will also drop down before you reach a locked door. Defeat it and open the door and proceed to room K.
  • K: This unusual room will become quite a common sight later in the game. A series of blocks fall from the top of the screen and stack up on the floor. For now, you must move swiftly across the floor and reach room L. Once you return with the Power Glove, you can cut out a tunnel for yourself if you find that you are too slow. Collect the P bag on the floor for 50 points.
  • L: After passing a pillar, a Red Ironknuckle will approach you. Square off with it and fight carefully. Another Red Ironknuckle waits by the door. Defeat it and open the door to gain access to the Power Glove Adventure of Link Power Glove.png. The Power Glove gives your sword the power to break blocks, and is a necessary item to reach the boss of this palace. At this point, return to the elevator in room J and drop down to room M, but before leaving room L, don't forget the red potion hidden in the statue above the entrance.
  • M: As you drop down to this room, watch out for the Fire Moa that occupies this room. He will be a constant nuisance, so be prepared to dodge the fire he drops to the floor. While you avoid them, you will have to deal with two Orange Ironknuckles as you cross the room on your way to room N.
  • N: A series of Blue Stalfos confront you between pairs of energy orb firing statue heads. Fighting the Stalfos won't be as difficult as avoiding the orbs. When you defeat the Stalfos, proceed to the blocks and use your glove to break through to the next chamber. Repeat this once more, and take down one last Stalfos before moving on to room O.
  • O: Slow moving Bubbles are the primary occupant of this room. You should be able to avoid them easily, as you approach the elevator, surrounded by dripping pillars on either side. For now, skip the elevator and advance to room P.
  • P: Watch out for the experience stealing Kobolds and approach the Gooma in the back of the room carefully. Defeat it, and collect the key before turning around and returning to the elevator in room O. Ride it down to room Q.
  • Q: A Bot precedes another Gooma along the staircase of blocks. Carefully slip under the clubs thrown at you and defeat the Gooma. Advance to room R.
  • R: The 100 point bag on the bottom breakaway platform may seem very tempting, but don't risk your life to collect it. Make sure you grab it quickly and get off the platform immediately. Kobolds will appear in advance of a Red Ironknuckle who awaits just before the entrance to room S.
  • S: Defeat the Blue Stalfos and unlock the door. Then face off with the orange and red Ironknuckles that await on the other side. When they are defeated, continue to the final chamber of the palace.
  • !: The boss is Helmethead. Like Horsehead before him, his only weak point is his head. If you did not learn the Downward Thrust yet, you'll have to carefully time your attacks in mid air. Otherwise, you can jump over him and use the Downward Thrust to attack his head. After the first few hits, his helmet will go flying off. Surprisingly, another helmet will appear as the one you just knocked off will fly around the room, firing at you. The second helmet can be knocked off as well, and will join the first helmet in attacking you from the air. With both helmets removed, Link can attack Helmethead's head directly until he is defeated. Collect the key, open the last door, and place the second crystal in the statue, obtaining a free experience boost to the next level.

Note: In the original Japanese version of the game, this Helmethead only loses one helmet. A second Helmethead is encountered in the fifth palace with both helmets.

Return to Mido Town[edit]

With the Power Glove in hand, and the second crystal in place, it's time to return to Mido Town, where more secrets can be learned concerning the whereabouts of the third palace.