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Colonizing is the act of getting a new base, and is one of the main features of Zelderex. This feature will let you expand your empire with a second base and many more to follow. Expansion is necessary for success.

First colonization[edit]

To colonize your second base you have to have completed the research Colonization 1 in your Research Center. After this is done and you have played the game for over 96 hours (4 Days), you can send a colonization unit out. The requirements for your first colonization are $30,000 and 850 fuel per metrol (fpm). You have to place it at a minimum of 10 metrols (m) away from your Homebase.

Where to colonize[edit]

This is actually quite easy. Go to the Exploration link on the left side of your screen. Here you can see the map. It is a X/Y coordinate grid. Choose a spot that is at least 10m away from your Homebase, and at least 5m away from other players' bases. Write these coordinates down for later use.

Final step[edit]

Now go to your Colonize tab within the exploration page. This is where you can send a colonization unit to colonize your second base. Pick a name for your second base (if you can't decide there is a Generate Name function beside where you input the name). Type in your X and Y location that you have chosen for your new base. Now click Send Colonization Unit. Your new base is now up and ready.

After colonization[edit]

Your new base has an hour long grace period before it can be attacked.

After your new base is up, to get it going you will have to send resources to your new base. This can be done in the Shipment/Transport page on the left sidebar.

To send transports, you first need transports to send. You can buy them from the Construct Carriers link inside the Shipment/Transport page. After buying the Resource Carrier, you can send it by going back to the Send Shipments page (the main page in Shipment/Transport tab). Now select your destination. This will be your new base, as that will be your only choice until you get more bases.

Now input the amount of transports you want to send. After that, you will have to input the amount of resources you will send to your new base, then click the Send Resource Transport button and they're off. They will take some time to arrive. After they have arrived, you can start building your second base just like you built your first.