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B. Garden has fours areas that you can move between by touching the blue arrows on the wooden paths. Move across the water and pick up the metal rod on the bench. Grab the shovel and bronze key in the shed. By the garden, take the yellow coin next to the pepper on the ground. To the right is potted plant with a silver key underneath it. Take the golden key and knife that's resting on the scale. Open the drawer and take the metal object. It can be combined with the metal rod to make a handle.

Past the pond with the lion mosaic is a tombstone that has a metal detector that is resting on it. Take the metal detector and use it on the plants in the garden. It will detect metal in a tomato, onion, and cucumber. Use the knife on each one to get three more coins.

Place the handle in the panel near the entrance and use it to turn off the light in the garden. The stream will have 5 colored stars light up. Note the order they appear from the entrance to the pond and the size of each them.

  1. Purple
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Red
Size (largest to smallest)
  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow
  4. Purple
  5. Green

Next to the shed is a sign that shows three buried boxes with a clue. Go to each area indicated and use the shovel to dig out the boxes

  • Moss covered mound by the stream facing away from the shed
  • Mushroom is by the tree near the entrance
  • White flowering cabbage is near the pond

Use the three keys on the three boxes to get three torn scraps of paper. Combine the scraps to reveal a sheet with red dots. Following the arrow from top to bottom, the sequence is left, right, right, left, middle, middle, right. Go to the control panel next to the shed press the red buttons in that order to stop the waterfall. Behind the waterfall is a metal panel with four circular indentations.

Go back to the scale with the four coins. You can slide the coins on the scale to measure their weight. The order of weights is red < white < yellow < green. Go back to the metal panel behind behind the waterfall and place the coins in that order. It will open and reveal a screen with nine colored stars. Touch the stars in the order they appeared in the stream to get the escape password for the safe. Touch the stars in the order from largest to smallest to get the safe password for the hidden archive file.

Go to the safe by the entrance and enter both passwords. Use the key on the locked door to escape.