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For the Nintendo 3DS version, the stylus can be used for all menus and controls.


3DS Vita Action
Right dpad Archive
Left dpad Memo
Down dpad Flowchart
Start button or Select button Save
Up dpad Log


3DS Vita Action
Neutral cpad Move cursor
Hold Y button + Neutral cpad Move cursor slowly
L button or R button Move camera
A button Examine
B button Cancel, return
X button Item screen

Item Screen[edit]

3DS Vita Action
Neutral cpad Rotate item
Left dpad or Right dpad Select item
X button Combine item


3DS Vita Action
A button Fast-forward, select
Y button Toggle between Auto, Skip, and Stop


3DS Vita Action
Neutral cpad Move pen
A button Write/Erase
Y button Toggle write and erase mode
Start button Clear notes