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The crew quarters consist of four rooms labeled 01 to 04. In room 02 and 04, take the two metal pieces on the desks and combine them to make a small key. Use the key on the handcuffs on the door to room 03. Go in room 03 and take the box cutter on the desk. Open the locker and take the roll of aluminum foil. Use the box cutter on the roll of aluminum foil four times to get four sheets with patterns on them. Each room has a desk with a drawer that pulls out and there is a pattern on the wall in front of it. Place the aluminum foils in each of drawers. The pattern on the wall will reflect on the foil to reveal a message.

Room Aluminum Foil Message
01 shapes circle, star, diamond, triangle
02 pattern 1 4985
03 pattern 3 LOCKER
04 pattern 2 3472

In room 02, press the + buttons on the locker panel to make 4985. Take the small cassette tape and put it in the phone in room 03.

6 3 0
2 3 4
3 2
1 1
Phone numbers
You can dial other numbers in the phone for some humorous messages.
  • 0818
  • 3141
  • 5309
  • 6724
  • 6969
  • 8008

Each room has a phone, but you can only call from room 01. The top row has internal line buttons for each room. Press the 2 button to call Alice and she will read 25** off the display. Press 4 and Phi will read **92 off the display. Dial 2592 to hear the message on the tape in room 03. The left screen above the mirror will have the numbers 2652. Dial 2652 and the cassette tape lid will open. Take the small metal pin and use it on the locker.

In room 04, press the + buttons on the locker panel to make 3472. Take the wallet to receive a coin.

3 6 0
3 1
2 4
1 2 3

Each room has a bed that folds out. On the bed is a silhouette with a piece that has been ripped. Use the coin on the poster in room 04 to scratch off the same parts to reveal clues.

  • left arm: circle 1
  • right arm: star 6
  • right leg: triangle 9
  • left leg: diamond 8

If you look back at the aluminum foil in room 01, the message translates to 1689. But the star and diamond are upside down in the poster so flip the 6 and 9 to get 1986. Dial 1986 in the phone in room 01 and the second passcode will be in the left screen above the phone, 9861. At the locker in room 01, enter 1986 to get the escape password and 9861 to get the hidden archive password.

Escape Password

0 3 6
1 1
2 3
3 4 2

Hidden Archive Password

0 3 6
1 4
2 2
3 3 1

Enter the hidden archive password before the escape password. If you enter the escape password first, then you will automatically leave room 01 and cannot go back in. Take all the items and use the key on the locked door to escape.