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Pull the fire extinguisher pin from the fire extinguisher. Use it on the container below the fire extinguisher directions. Open the container and take the four socket wrench tips. On the ends of both handle bars are color handles. Take all four. Next to the door is a grate with four colored bolts with different shapes. Combine the colored handles with the tips.

  • Triangular tip - Handle (yellow)
  • Square tip - Handle (blue)
  • Pentagonal tip - Handle (green)
  • Hexagonal tip - Handle (red)

Remove the four bolts with the matching color socket wrench. Open the grate and play the maze minigame.

The green block in the top left left needs to be moved to the blue square on the bottom right. One possible solution is right, up, right, up, right, down, left, down, right, up, right. Once complete a green memory card will eject.

Examine the poster above the fire extinguisher. It will go directly to the file tab in the archive. Count the number of babies and old people.

  • 4 babies
  • 7 old people

Above both handles is a row of buttons with an icon above. Press the floor button that matches the earlier count. The buttons next to the door has a blue Zero III icon. Press 0 and take the blue memory card. Press 3 and take the red memory card.

Go back to the screen above the safe and insert each memory card. You will get a hidden file password and an escape password. Use each password on the safe to get the gold file and the key. Use the key on the locked panel below the screen next to the door. Open the panel and press the button.