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Take the radio and the chevron block next to the robot. Open the bottom drawer below the computer and take the tablet. Open each door of the locker and take the name tag, another chevron block, and the frequency list. Above the workbench is a poster on the wall. On the left side of the workbench, take another chevron block. On the right side, take the blue battery and the rusty key that is in the keyhole on the toolbox. Above the safe, press the button to turn on the robot.

Plug the radio into the computer. The back of the name tag has ID 11010. The frequency list maps that ID to 400 Hz. The radio has three tuning buttons that move the frequency right and cycles back to the left. The left button moves the frequency 3 steps, the middle button moves it 5 steps, and the right button moves it 7 steps. You must press the buttons exactly four times. One possible solution, is to press the middle button four times. The monitor will turn on and display an image of the room layout. There is an X on the image that is marking the puddle of oil by the robot.

Place the rusty key in the oil. Go back to the toolbox and use the key to open it. Take the bottle of detergent, screwdriver, and silver key. Use the silver key on the top drawer. Combine the three chevron blocks to make a star and place it in the slot in the top drawer to unlock the middle drawer. Take the handle from the middle drawer. Place the handle in the slot next to the entrance door. Once the handle is turned, robots will lower on the left and right side and a screen will lower across from the control console. Take the boxers from one on the left and the red battery from one on the right. Use the detergent on the boxers and wipe the oil by the robot. Underneath is 120V engraved on the table.

On the screen that lowered with the robots, you will need to rotate wires to run from left to right and have a total of 120V. Connect wires in the following path: 35, 10, 30, 40, 5.

Press the red button on the control console. The robot eyes will light up in a pattern. The poster with the red eye has pairs of letters that are associated with the robot eyes. The top letters match the left side and bottom letters match the right side.


The red eyes make the message BEACON OF HOPE. The unlit eyes make the message REMINISCENCE. Use the screwdriver on the tablet to remove the battery cover. Place both batteries into the tablet. Enter BEACONOFHOPE in the tablet to get the escape password and REMINISCENCE to get the hidden archive password. Enter both passwords into the safe and take all of the items. Use the key on the locked door to escape.