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Virtue's Last Reward alternates between two types of gameplay: escape and novel. During escapes, you will have to examine a room and solve puzzles to find a way to escape. The novel sections advance the story and offer choices that affect the story path.


View information, hints
Freely write any notes
View the story flowchart and warp to different points
Save the game
Scroll through dialog history
Stop / Auto / Skip
Toggle dialog auto/skip


During escapes, items can be picked up and placed in the inventory. The top left icon shows the currently equipped item and touching it or pressing X button will open the item screen. In the item screen, items can be examined and combined. Sometimes, rotating an item may reveal more clues.


The difficulty in escape rooms default to hard. It can be changed to easy, which will cause the other characters to give more hints. The difficulty can't be changed back to hard until you escape the room.