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Take the metal coin-like thing below the screen. Take the scalpel on top of the cart and the worn-out key on the bottom. In the medicine rack, take the jar containing white powder that is sitting by itself on the right side. Below the rack, open the right side and take the memory card and scrap of paper. The paper has directions for washing a shirt. Take the metal stake that is on the third bed. Combine it with the metal coin-like thing to make a pretty key.

On the wall next to the medicine rack is a grid of blocks with colored medicine icons. Insert the two keys into the keyholes to unlock a puzzle. You will need to move the red, green, and blue blocks to their corresponding square. One possible solution is right, up, left, up, right, up, left, down, right. The empty spaces will fill with more blocks. Count the number of each icon, ignore the green icon.

  • 5 blue capsule
  • 6 yellow powder
  • 2 red liquid

On the medicine rack, press each button to match the icon count, 5 6 2. The drawer will open and contain a colorful note that has a yellow 3, blue 1, and red 2.

The screen on the wall has a memory slot on the bottom right. Insert the memory card to receive a hint.

  • A = White powder in medicine bottle
  • B = Water

The A and B is referring to the jars in the washing directions. Empty the jar containing white powder into the basin on the cart and then fill the jar with water at the sink. Pour the water into the basin. On the second bed, use the scalpel to cut out the sheet at the foot of the bed. Place the dirty fabric into the basin to clean it. Place the fabric onto the bed next to the scanner.

Press the red button below the screen by the bed to turn on the scanner and use it. There are three icons and the numbers 4 and 5. The icons match the block puzzle icons and the colorful note determines the order. Touch the squares in the following order: capsule, liquid, powder, 4, and 5. The password is CURED and the screen will reveal the escape password for the safe.

If the fabric could be placed over the block puzzle, it would cover 5 icons.

  • 2 blue capsule
  • 2 yellow powder
  • 1 red liquid

Press the buttons on the medicine rack to make 2 2 1. This will open the other drawer that contains a different fabric with the numbers 1 through 5. Place the new fabric on the bed and use the scanner again. Touch the squares in order from 1 to 5. The password is FOUND and the screen will reveal the safe password for the hidden archive file. Enter both passwords into the safe and use the key on the locked door to escape.