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The laboratory has a large table in the center and paths around it. There are several items you can pick up spread around the room. From the table, take the two empty capsules and the cylinder full of seeds from the tray. Above the tray is two binders. One contains steps for dissecting a frog and the other contains Hydroponics research: 1 and 2. Next to the microscope is another cylinder of seeds. The first area to the left of the table has a scalpel on a tray. Past it is a work bench with a drain and a cylinder of seeds. Behind the table are shelves that have containers. The top shelf has a saline solution and a frog behind it and the bottom shelf has another cylinder of seeds and roots. To the right of the shelf is one more cylinder of seeds next to a mixer and a binder containing DNA extraction instructions.

Go to the workbench with the fume hood and drain. Empty the ethanol from the frog container into the drain and it will collect in the tank below. Dissect the frog with the scalpel and take the blue capsule that was inside. Then take the liquid waste tank under the drain.

Go to the mixer and place the plant roots inside. It will grind the material into the beaker. Pour the saline solution in the mixer and then pour the ethanol. Use one of the empty capsules to collect the green liquid.

To the right of the table is a puzzle for preparing hydroponic fluid and seeds. The first part involves pipes and levers that pours water into five beakers with different colored fluid. The top pipes have the numbers 40 80 40 and the bottom beakers have the numbers 3 3 2 5 3. Each lever can be adjusted to pour water either down one pipe or split evenly between two. The lever to the right will pour the water and each beaker has a light above it to indicate if it is receiving the correct amount. If you recall from Hydroponics research: 1 in the archive, you want a ratio of 10 water : 1 fluid, so the amount of water each beaker should receive is 30 30 20 50 30. Adjust all six levers so they are pointing down and pull down the lever to the right.

The next part of the puzzle involves preparing the seeds. Each cylinder of seeds has a different label. Hydroponics research: 2 in the archive has five clues.

  1. The long seeds failed to germinate in three of the fluids.
  2. Round seeds in fluid B (yellow) and fluid D (cyan) failed to germinate.
  3. None of the marked seeds germinated if put in fluid C (green).
  4. Non-marked seeds failed to germinate in fluid A (red) or fluid B (yellow).
  5. When the striped seeds were put into fluid D (cyan) and fluid E (blue), only one of them failed to germinate

Using the clues, you can cross off invalid choices of seeds and fluid until you get a combination that is consistent with the clues.

A (red) B (yellow) C (green) D (cyan) E (blue)
Round x (4) x (2) o x (2) x
Round striped x x (2) x (3) x (2) o (5)
Round half mark o x (2) x (3) x (2) x
Long x (4) x (4) x o x
Long striped x o x (3) x x

Once all seeds are placed in the correct beaker, a red capsule will appear in the slot to the right.

Place all three capsules into the slots on top of the microscope. Looking in the microscope there is a puzzle that involves pairing DNA sequences. There are six rows and each row has bases: A, G, C, and T. Slide each row so that A is connected to T and G is connected to C.

  • Row 1 slides row 4 opposite direction
  • Row 2 slides row 3 opposite direction
  • Row 3 slides row 2 same direction
  • Row 4 slides row 6 same direction
  • Row 5 slides by itself
  • Row 6 slides row 4 same direction

One possible solution is to slide row 1 until it starts with GA. Then slide row 2 so it starts with CT. Slide row 6 until it also starts with GAC. Then slide row 5 until all pairs match.

The screen next to the microscope will light up and reveal the escape password for the safe.

Place the seeds in the mixer and then pour the saline solution and ethanol like before. Use the other empty capsule on the yellow liquid to get the yellow capsule. Place the capsule in the microscope and the screen next to it will light up with the safe password for the hidden archive file. Enter both passwords into the safe and use the key on the locked door to escape.