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Take the lift to the top floor. Open the locker and put on the protective suit. The binder on the bench contains instructions for outside of the chamber door. Take the lift back to the bottom floor. The door to the chamber requires connecting three pairs of color dots without overlapping or crossing over.

  • magenta - orange
  • yellow - green
  • white - black

Once inside, take the tablet off the bench. On top of the machine in the corner is a small key. Examine the door that is welded shut. Clover will leave and the chamber will decompress. Pop the inflatable Zero Jr. and take the Zero Jr. doll. Take off the metal plates that are covering the cables. Take the two yellow and two purple laser emitters. The emitters need to be placed on the ends of the cables so the pressure machine can be powered. In the first panel, place the yellow emitters on the middle and bottom cables and place the purple emitters on the top and bottom cables. At the pressure machine, press the red button. The pressure returns to normal, but the door is still locked. Examine out the window to talk to Clover. Examine the binder under the machine next to the locker and Clover will bring over the instructions for inside of the chamber door. The rules are the same as before with different color pairs.

  • white - purple
  • yellow - magenta
  • cyan - green

Once outside, use the small key on the right locker and take the journal. The journal has a paper with a color pattern that is added to the archive. Below the lift buttons is a glass panel that has 25113 written on it. Below it is a set of buttons with images of shapes between them. If you recall the two benches earlier, the one in the chamber had numbers and the one in the top floor had shapes.


6 3
4 1
2 5

Top Floor

trapezoid diamond
up arrow star
cylinder hourglass

The code translates to cylinder, hourglass, star, star, diamond. Enter it, press the yellow button, and take the small key. Use the key on the middle locker and take the small protective suit. Take the lift to the top floor and go the machine. Hook up the tablet to the USB cable. Put the Zero Jr. doll in the small protective suit and place it on the stool. There is a digital number 8 on the body. Above the tablet, are colored squares in a pattern.

  1. green, magenta
  2. green, magenta
  3. cyan, green, magenta

On the tablet screen is a digital 8 where each segment can be touched to determine which color they map to. The segments that match the color pattern make the number 117. Enter it to get the safe password for the hidden archive file.

The paper in the journal earlier has the following color pattern.

  1. cyan, red, blue, yellow, magenta, black
  2. cyan, green, black, blue, yellow
  3. cyan, green, black, magenta, yellow

This maps to 623. Enter it to get the escape password for the safe. Enter both passwords in the safe and use the key on the locked door to escape.