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Take the poster of pool balls off the wall. Take the billiard balls from the top of the fridge and the scrap of felt and luminol inside the fridge. Place the scrap of felt over the hole on the pool table. Spray the table with luminol. Turn off the lights by the entrance door. The pool table will show the letters A through F by the pockets.


Turn the lights back on and use the billiard balls on the pool table. You will need to drop 6 balls in the pockets in the order from A to F. The yellow triangle switches between balls 1 - 8 and 9 - 15. The screen displays 6 balls with a color and pattern.

  • A - purple, solid
  • B - yellow, solid
  • C - orange, stripe
  • D - blue, solid
  • E - green, solid
  • F - yellow, stripe

Review the billiard poster and match the numbers with the lettered balls. Drag the balls into the pockets in the following order.

Ball Pocket
4 top right corner
1 bottom left corner
13 top left corner
2 right side
6 bottom right corner
9 left side

Take the dart tips from the ball retrieval slot. Take the axe from the suit of armor and swap it with the lance. Press the round button on the control panel to activate the suit of armor. The one with the axe will swing and break the glass on the shield. Take the Allen wrench and the pool cue from the suit of armor. Use the Allen wrench on the pool cue to make a tubular key. Use the key on the coin box for the Zero Jr. ride and take the coins inside. Insert a coin back into the box and K will ride Zero Jr. The ride will take a picture. On the back of the photo is Z9 and D1.

Take the extension cord that is connected to the Zero Jr. ride. Use it to plug in the jukebox and insert a coin. Press Z9 and take the gold record and then press D1 and take another gold record. Place both gold records in the left and right frame on the wall next to the jukebox. The middle frame will unlock and take the dart case.

Combine the dart tips with the dart case. Inside the case is three colored darts in targets of different sizes and a score of 91. The clear cover has two > symbols. Next to the dart board, take the poster with the dart instructions. The outer ring times the score by 1, the middle ring by 2, and the inner ring by 3. You will need to place the darts on the board to make a total score of 91 and use each color once. The order of the darts does not matter.

The dart case can be interpreted in two different ways. From looking through the clear cover, the color targets make the message red > blue > green. Place the darts in red 17, blue 11, and inner green 8.

  • red: 17 × 2 = 34
  • blue: 11 × 3 = 33
  • green: 8 × 3 = 24

This satisfies 34 > 33 > 24 and gives a total of 91. The screen above the dartboard will display the safe password for the hidden archive file.

With the case open, the targets have different sizes with red the smallest, green the largest, and blue in between. Place the darts in red 6, blue 11, and green 20.

  • red: 6 × 3 = 18
  • blue: 11 × 3 = 33
  • green: 20 × 2 = 40

This satisfies the target sizes and also gives a total of 91. The screen above the dartboard will display the escape password for the safe. Enter both passwords into the safe and use the key on the locked door to escape.