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Zombie Hunter
Box artwork for Zombie Hunter.
Japanese titleゾンビハンター
Developer(s)Hi-Score Media Work
Publisher(s)Hi-Score Media Work
Release date(s)
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MSX icon.png
Genre(s)Action, RPG
System(s)Famicom, MSX
TwitchZombie Hunter Channel

Zombie Hunter is an action RPG game developed and published by Hi-Score Media Work for the Famicom in 1987, and for the MSX home computer in 1988. It was only published in Japan. It was developed as a project developed by a Japanese gaming magazine known as Hi-Score. It was licensed by Activision to be translated and distributed in North America, but it was canceled and never released. In 2003, an unofficial translation patch was produced by KingMike's Translations, which translates the game into English. It can be found here.

In Zombie Hunter, the player must complete six sidescrolling levels, the middle four of which offer the player a choice between a left path and a right path. In each level, the player is presented with a number of fights that prevent the player from making progress until all of the enemies have been defeated or chased away. Defeating enemies earns the player experience points, and defeating the last enemy before it escapes earns the player a treasure chest. Chests provide the player with gold, but also randomly contain items.

Collection of these items is essential to the survival of the player throughout the game. The more powerful the item is, the less likely it is to appear. In Game A, the particular items that can be obtained at each fight are predetermined, but in Game B, the items which appear are determined randomly. Therefore, it is possible (but not likely) to get extremely valuable items earlier on, but your stats don't increase as quickly as in Game A.


The city of Palma had been protected by the four spirits who govern fire, water, wind, and earth, continuing a long era of peace.

One day, Dolgo, the spirit of earth, started a revolt. He made off with the Life Seeker and disappeared into his underground labyrinth.

The Life Seeker does the essential work of controlling this world's Energy. Dolgo acquired the ability to freely use that Energy.

Meanwhile, the people of Palma began to lose their souls, and the city was filled with sadness and pain.

Ariel, the spirit of wind, commanded her subordinate, Byuzu to seek out a hero who could defeat Dolgo and regain the Life Seeker.

You are the warrior chosen by Byuzu. To defeat Dolgo, you ser off on a journey into the underground labyrinth…

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