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Some shortcuts do not work in the base game, such as the advanced camera controls and the load and save hotkeys. The new controls were only introduced through expansions with Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania.

General Controls[edit]

Right-click PC Mouse Right Click.png or Esc Cancel action, deselect tool and or close panel
Alt + Enter Toggle fullscreen (can be finicky)
Ctrl+S Save game
Ctrl+l Load a saved game
Space or Pause Break Pause/resume Game
Alt+F4 or Esc Save and or quit current game
F1 View in-game help menu
Camera Controls
Move mouse PC Mouse.png to edge of screen
/ / /
Move left/right/down/up
Home / End / PageUp / PageDown Move diagonally
Ctrl+ / Rotate view left/right
Ctrl+ ↑  /  ↓  Zoom in/out

View Options[edit]

Ctrl+B Hide/Show Buildings
Ctrl+F Hide/Show Foliage (ground, water, etc.)
Ctrl+V Hide/Show Guests
Ctrl+G Hide/Show Grid

Zoo Creation[edit]

Left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png (holding item) Place object/item
Del Clear tool
Backspace Undo
+ / - Increase/Decrease Grid
C Construct Exhibit
D Adopt Animal
H Hire Staff
B Buy Buildings/Objects
Construction Controls
Left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png + or drag Construct paths/fences etc
Clear Tool: Left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png + or drag Remove paths, fences etc. Drag to remove area
Terraforming Tool: Left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png + drag Raise/lower land/water

Zoo Management[edit]

Left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png object/person View information
Left-click PC Mouse Left Click.png selected animal/person again Move selected animal/person
M Show Messages
F Display File Options
O Display Scenario Objectives
Z Display Zoo Status
G Display Guest Info
E Display Exhibit Info
A Display Animal Info
S Display Staff Info