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The following are included in the game:

Animal Biome Cost Conservation Status
American Mastodon Boreal Forest $60,000 Extinct
Ankylosaurus Wetlands $45,000 Extinct
Aurochs Temperate Forest $5,500 Extinct
Bluebuck Grassland $3,000 Extinct
Bush-Antlered Deer Temperate Forest $7,500 Extinct
Carnotaurus Boreal Forest $10,000 Extinct
Cave Lion Alpine $35,000 Extinct
Deinonychus Tropical Rainforest $15,000 Extinct
Deinosuchus Tropical Rainforest $60,000 Extinct
Dimetrodon Wetlands $35,000 Extinct
Diprotodon Wetlands $10,000 Extinct
Dodo Tropical rainforest $3,000 Extinct
Doedicurus Scrub $10,000 Extinct
Dwarf Sicilian Elephant Grassland $15,000 Extinct
Elephant Bird Wetlands $15,000 Extinct
Giant Camel Grassland $7,500 Extinct
Giant Ground Sloth Scrub $80,000 Extinct
Giant Warthog Savannah $35,000 Extinct
Gigantopithecus Tropical Rainforest $35,000 Extinct
Kentrosaurus Wetlands $10,000 Extinct
Protarchaeopteryx Wetlands $5,500 Extinct
Quagga Savannah $3,000 Extinct
Saber-Toothed Cat Boreal Forest $20,000 Extinct
Short-faced Bear Tundra $45,000 Extinct
Sivatherium Savannah $5,500 Extinct
Stegosaurus Boreal Forest $45,000 Extinct
Stokesaurus Boreal Forest $7,500 Extinct
Styracosaurus Tropical Rainforest $2,000 Extinct
Thylacine Temperate Forest $20,000 Extinct
Triceratops Boreal Forest $20,000 Extinct
Tyrannosaurus rex Tropical Rainforest $50,000 Extinct
Utahraptor Boreal Forest $60,000 Extinct
Velociraptor Desert $3,000 Extinct
Warrah Grassland $15,000 Extinct
Woolly Rhinoceros Tundra $35,000 Extinct

There is also a killer penguin available only through an extremely poor score in the animal creation mini game.