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Name Points for taking Points in case Location Notes
Jeweled Egg 5 5 Up a tree Drop this in the dungeon, or give it to the Thief. The Thief will open this later.
Clockwork Canary 6 4 In the egg You must give the egg to the Thief.
Beautiful painting 4 6 Gallery For fun, you can damage this treasure.
Platinum Bar 10 5 Loud Room Easiest solution is to Echo, but you can also empty and refill the reservoir.
Ivory Torch 14 6 Torch Room Imperishable light source.
Gold Coffin 10 15 Egypt room Contains Egyptian Sceptre.
Egyptian Sceptre 4 6 In the coffin A sharp object, and required for the pot of gold.
Trunk of Jewels 15 5 Reservoir Reached by emptying the reservoir.
Crystal Trident 4 11 Atlantis Room
Jade Figurine 5 5 Bat Room Get the garlic before this treasure.
Sapphire Bracelet 5 5 Gas Room Drop the torch before entering the room.
Huge Diamond 10 10 Created from lump of coal Created through the lump of coal by placing it in a machine.
Bag of Coins 10 5 In the maze
Crystal Skull 10 10 Land of the living Dead Requires a ritual with the bell, candles and book.
Jeweled Scarab 5 5 Buried in Sandy Cave Requires four turns of digging.
Large Emerald 5 10 In the Buoy
Silver Chalice 10 5 Treasure Room Must kill the thief first.
Pot of Gold 10 10 End of Rainbow Wave the sceptre at the Aragain falls.
Brass Bauble 1 1 The songbird has it. Wind the Clockwork Canary when in the forest path.