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PlayStation Xbox 360 Sega Saturn Usage
Left dpad or Right dpad Move left or right
Down dpad Crouch/Move elevators down
Up dpad Sit in chair/Save (on save screens only)
Neutral dpad Highlight items on menu screens
Square button Use weapon/item in Alucard's right hand/Attack with whip (Richter)
Circle button Use weapon/item in Alucard's left hand
Cross button Jumps/select items on menu screens
Triangle button Back dash (Alucard)/Item Crash (Richter)
R1 button Shapeshift into bat (w/ special item, Alucard)
L1 button Shapeshift into mist (w/ special item, Alucard)
R2 button Shapeshift into wolf (w/ special item, Alucard)
Select button Map screen
Start button Character status (Alucard)/menu screen (Richter)

Basic combinations[edit]

PlayStation Xbox 360 Sega Saturn Usage
Hold Square button + Neutral dpad Brandish whip (Richter)
Cross button during jump Double jump (w/ special item, Alucard)/backflip (Richter)
Down dpad + Cross button Slide (Richter)
Up dpad + (Circle button or Square button) Use special weapon
(DownRight dpad or DownLeft dpad) + Square button Hit the ground and break some floors
Down dpad, then Up dpad+Cross button High jump (w/ special item)
? Downthrust jump