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The Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company is an affiliate of Nintendo set up as a marketing and licensing front for the highly successful Pokémon franchise. The games, Pokémon Trading Card Game, and licensed toys are still being made by third and second party companies such as Game Freak and TOMY. According to their timeline, operations began in 1998 with the opening of Pokémon Center in Tokyo, before the actual trademark of "Pokémon, Ltd." was established in 2000. Since then, Nintendo has been marketing this branch as "The Pokémon Company". The US branch (Pokémon USA, Inc) would be opened in 2001 to handle licensing overseas.

Since 2001, nearly all licenced Pokémon products have ©Pokémon in the copyright acknowledgements with the usual three of ©Nintendo, ©Game Freak, and ©Creatures, Inc..