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Games are classified by release dates, modes, genres, systems and companies. A single game may be in one or more categories.

Note: due to convention, game names that begin with a grammatical article (A, An, Das, Der, Die (German: the), L', La, Las, Le, Los, or The) are listed under the next word given in the title. The Legend of Zelda, for instance, will be listed under the letter L in any categories it appears in. Due to technical restrictions, it will not also be listed under the letter T in those categories.

Release dates

  • Years - video game releases for each year


For a full list of mode categories, see Modes
  • Single player - any game which has a section you play by yourself.
  • Multiplayer - any game which can be played by two or more humans concurrently.
    • Local: Played by two people close to each other usually sharing a system.
      • In the case of handhelds, typically each person has their own system.
    • Online: Played through the internet with each person owning their own system.


For a full list of genre categories, see Genres


For a full list of series categories, see Series


For a full list of system categories, see Systems


For a full list of company categories, see Companies