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Dr. Mario
Box artwork for Dr. Mario.
Japanese titleDr. マリオ, Dokutā Mario
Distributor(s)Nintendo eShop
Release date(s)
NES icon.png
Flag of the United States.svg October, 1990
Game Boy icon.png
Game Boy
Game Boy Advance icon.png
Game Boy Advance
3DS Virtual Console icon.png
3DS Virtual Console
Nintendo Switch icon.png
Nintendo Switch
System(s)Arcade, NES, Game Boy, Nintendo Power (SNES), Nintendo Power (Game Boy), Satellaview, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS
Mode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
ESRB: ESRB E.png Everyone
Followed byDr. Mario 64
SeriesDr. Mario
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This is the first game in the Dr. Mario series. For other games in the series see the Dr. Mario category.

Dr. Mario (Dr. マリオ, Dokutā Mario) is an arcade-style puzzle video game produced by Nintendo. It was originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy in 1990. Its play mechanics are compared to Tetris. In this game, Dr. Mario throws vitamins that the player must align in order to destroy the viruses that populate the playing field (designed to resemble a medicine bottle).

U.S. Patent 5,265,888 covers Dr. Mario, but as of 2004, Nintendo has not enforced it against amateur software developers.

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