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Name Description
Potion Provides a small HP boost.
Hi-Potion Provides a good HP boost.
Phoenix Down Brings you back from the dead.
Tranquilizer Cures confusion.
Echo Herbs Cures silence.
Animate Tonic Cures paralysis.
Eye Drops Cures blindness.
Ether Provides a small AP boost.
Hi-Ether Restores your AP.
Bomb Fragment Inflicts fire-element damage.
Antarctic Wind Inflicts water-element damage.
Great Tree Log Inflicts earth-element damage.
Hunting Horn Summons monsters to your side.


Name Description
Steel Sword Attack +2
Rising Sun Attack +3 Magic Attack +2
Hatchet Attack +3
Wood Axe Attack +5
Thunder Axe Attack +6 (Light) Inflicts paralysis
Magic Staff Attack +1 Magic Attack +3
Ocean Stave Attack +1 Magic Attack +3 (Water)
Terra Stave Attack +1 Magic Attack +4 (Earth)
Rock Lance Attack +4 (Earth)
Tempest Pike Attack +3 (Wind)
Horne's Bow Attack +2
Earth Bow Attack +4 (Earth)
King's Shortsword Attack +2 Magic Attack +2 Shortsword gifted by King Horne

Wood Shield Defense +1 Magic Defense +1 Evade/Magic Evade +3

Aire's Frock Defense +1 Magic Defense +1

Giant's Ring Attack +10%

Cure Tome White Magic: Slight HP recovery. AP Cost 2. Can use from the Menu.

Jusqua's Coat Defense +1 Magic Defense +1

Fire Tome Black Magic: Fire-element Attack Magic Attack: 5 / AP Cost: 2