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Throw-able items[edit]

Standard items[edit]

Each room usually contains one more more throw-able items. Those items can be picked up and thrown at other characters, including the other player. If thrown at the other player, it stuns them instead of causing an elimination.

Opponent items[edit]

Some opponents throw their own items and some of them can be caught and thrown back.

Some items can be caught both mid air and after landing on the ground, while other items can be caught by only one of these ways.

Catching items mid air saves time, but it's riskier since you have to stand exactly under the item and raise your hands. If you fail to do either, the item will hit you instead of getting caught.

Sharp items[edit]

Sharp items are sometimes not possible to catch at all. But some can be picked up from the ground after they stop moving.


The bomb is an exceptional items. While it can be caught both mid air way and after it hits the ground and stops moving, it explodes after a few seconds, damaging anyone around it whether it's being held or not.

Non throw-able items[edit]

There are certain items that can be carried from room to room. While there's no time limit for these items, they are not carried into boss rooms or between different stages.

Only two such items can be carried overall, while sometimes more are needed. It's thus sometimes needed to backtrack for them.

In single player mode, the character can hold 2 items. In Co-op mode, each character can hold 1 item.


  • Grapple gun: a gun that throws a hook that eliminates non humanoid opponents and stuns humanoid opponents. While those actions are optional, it's also needed to connect distant areas and, under rare occasions, click remote buttons.
  • Plank: a wooden plank that is needed to serve as a bridge across gaps.
  • Key: keys can appear in various colors and shapes and are needed to open locked doors.


  • Bell: a bell which sound draws opponents in. Its most useful purpose might be in co-op mode in which the weaker Max can use it to lead opponents into the waiting arms of the stronger Goofy.
  • Shovel: certain rooms contain dirt filled ground, upon which the shovel can be used to dig for energy filling items. It can only dig one spot at a time though, and only at the right angle, so it takes a while to dig everything.
  • Candle: while both characters have built-in flashlights for dark areas, the candle item illuminates much more space. A good strategy for co-op mode might be to have the weaker Max light the way for a grapple gun carrying Goofy.

Energy filling items[edit]

If you touch fruits and diamonds they fill your energy bar, some less some more.