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Ninten's House

  1. Fight the lamp that attacks you as you leave your room.
  2. Check your sisters' room until one of their dolls attacks you. Fight it, and then check it after you defeat it to learn the first melody
  3. Head downstairs. Speak with your mom, and then answer the phone to speak with your dad. He'll say there is a secret locked in the basement.
  4. Speak with your sisters. One will give you an item, and the other will offer to hold items for you. Note: You can talk to your sister multiple times to get multiple free orange juices. You can only do this before you leave the house the first time.
  5. Go outside and talk with your dog. Check him and you'll find the Basement Key.
  6. Return inside and unlock the basement door. Go inside and open the presents to see what they contain. One will be your Great Grandfather's Diary, a key item that you'll need later on.
  7. Level Ninten up by fighting in battles near home, and have your mother heal your injuries for free.

Around Podunk

  1. From home, follow the nearby trail west until you reach a house. Speak with your neighbor to learn that Pippi is missing.
  2. From there, walk south to reach Podunk. Speak with the inhabitants but be careful as some are zombies waiting to attack you.
  3. Speak with the mayor and offer to save Pippi from the cemetery.
  4. Go through the path southeast of town and cross a bridge to make your way to the cemetery.
  5. Enter the cemetery and make you way around the outer edge of it to reach the right side. Look for the broken grave to find an underground tomb.
  6. Explore the tomb until you reach a room that has 4 coffins. Three coffins contains zombies, while Pippi is stuffed in the fourth.
  7. Speak with Pippi and she will join your party. She will stay with you until you return to the mayor's office, so take advantage of this by using her to level Ninten up through difficult battles.
  8. Return to the mayor's office to present Pippi. The Mayor will ask you to check out the zoo. The mayor's assistant will give you the key to the gate.
  9. Visit the store and talk to the man in the pet department. He'll offer to sell you a canary for $85. Refuse to buy it and he'll give you the canary for free.
  10. Return to Pippi's home, and she'll give you a Franklin Badge for being so brave.
  11. Return to your home and head to the west. You'll eventually arrive near the zoo. First, cross over a bridge ad visit the region to the south.
  12. This is canary village. The man inside will explain that one bird is missing it's baby. Explore the village until you find an oddly colored grave stone against the fence. Walk behind this gave and enter the area north of the village to find the chick's mom. Return it to her to learn the second melody.
  13. Return to the zoo and a monkey near the entrance will steal the zoo key.
  14. Walk all the way through the zoo, gradually moving east, until you find a building. Enter it and climb the stair.
  15. At the top, check the capsule, and a Starman Jr. will appear. Defeat it in battle, and the noise that was driving the animals crazy will stop, calming the animals down.
  16. Find the cage of the singing monkey, and listen to it sing to learn the third melody.
  17. Be sure to have your Great Grandfather's diary in your possession at this time.


  1. From the zoo entrance, head to the east. You'll encounter two police officers who mention a cave beyond their location.
  2. Locate the cave and enter. Use the PSI power Telepathy on the stone inside, and you'll be transported to Magicant.
  3. Talk to the inhabitants of the Magicant village, both inside and outside of homes. Key homes include one near the southwest corner where you can save your game, and the house at the top to the right of a hospital where you can rest and restore your HP and PP.
  4. Level up in the area outside of town. If you feel overwhelmed by the enemies here, there is a house way up to the north above the castle where a group of five Flying Men will offer to assist you. Only one will help at a time, and once one is defeated, he will never return, so you can only do this five times.
  5. Head to the castle and talk to the guards. You'll need to use the PSI power Telepathy on them to solve their riddle and gain entrance to the castle.
  6. Explore the castle, and open presents as you find them. Locate the Queen and speak with her to learn about a melody she can't quite remember.
  7. Between the castle and the town, there is a path to the east which leads to a bridge. Cross the bridge and you'll discover a field of wells. Only one well leads to an underground labyrinth, and it's located fairly close to the top, almost a straight walk down from the first well beyond the bridge.
  8. In the labyrinth, you must choose the right set of ladders to reach the lowest level of the dungeon. The order is right, left, left, and right.
  9. Begin wandering around the lower level, walking past a dragon who won't interact with you until you reach a sufficient level.
  10. Beyond the dragon is a ladder down that is blocked by a fish. This fish can be challenging if you are low level, but if you beat it, the present in the room below is the Onyx Hook, an item which instantly teleports you back to Magicant whenever you use it.
  11. Continue along the path until you reach a man sitting in a hole in the wall. Talk with him over and over again until you give the right answers which cause him to leave the hole.
  12. Travel through the hole to wind up in another cave south of a town you have yet to visit. Begin walking up the grassy area until you reach a school


  1. Enter the school and talk to the people inside. You will learn about a boy named Lloyd. Be careful, as some students may infect you with a cold.
  2. Visit the room on the far right end of the first floor to find the Janitor. Carry on a conversation until he agrees to unlock the door to the roof on the second floor.
  3. Go out to the roof and speak with the trash can until Lloyd reveals himself. He will explain that he's always wanted to see one of the bottle rockets manufactured in the factory to the south.
  4. Head south the factory and enter. You must explore the area until you discover a trashcan. Check the trashcan to find a Bottle Rocket.
  5. Return to the school roof and use the Bottle Rocket. Lloyd will join your party. He will then proceed to blow up the science lab.
  6. Level Lloyd up a bit to prevent him from dying to quickly in battle.
  7. North of Merrysville, you can locate some train tracks. Follow the tracks north until you find a set of boulders that block any trains trying to come through.
  8. From this place, walk left until you are on a path which leads north to a second factory. Along the way, you'll discover a Pass on thr ground.
  9. Reach the factory and present your Pass to the dog. The dog won't believe that it's your Pass and will fight you. Defeat the dog to gain access to the factory.
  10. Explore this second factory until you find a room that contains a set of rocket launchers. Examine the one launcher that is armed to set off the rocket.
  11. The rocket will destroy the boulder, allowing you to continue following the tracks until you reach a train station.

Southeastern Area

  1. Purchase train tickets to Reindeer.
  2. When you arrive at the Reindeer station, talk to the woman inside to obtain a Hat that a girl lost.
  3. Optionally, visit the town of Reindeer and discover an old man's secret to avoiding catching a cold.
  4. Purchase train tickets to Snowman.
  5. Make your way from the Snowman station to the village of Snowman. Speak with the inhabitants, but be careful as quite a few of them will infect you with a cold.
  6. Head to the southeast corner of the village and begin walking along the path through the wilderness that goes north, east, south and east again until you discover a church.
  7. Enter the church to find a girl named Anna. Return the hat to her and she will agree to join your party. Spend some time leveling her up in battle so she doesn't get killed too easily.
  8. Purchase train tickets to Spookane
  9. Find the residential area where all of the people have fled too. Speak with all of them, and one of them will give you the Ghost Key to a family's mansion.
  10. Walk north through various fencing until you reach the mansion. Use the key to open the door and get inside.
  11. Explore the mansion until you find a room which contains a piano. Check the piano to learn the fourth melody.

Yucca Desert

  1. Purchase train tickets to Merrysville.
  2. Exit the station, and walk east until you reach a broken bridge. Then head north a find an alternate path that can take your further east.
  3. You will reach Yucca Desert.
  4. In the middle of the desert, you will find a man who has one tank and one plane. Take plane rides to safely observe the layout of the desert. Be on the lookout for an isolated cactus.
  5. Walk to the location of that cactus and check it to learn the fifth melody.
  6. Optionally, earn enough plane ride ticket stub until you can ride inside the tank. Use the tank to travel to a set of large rocks. Defeat the robot R7037 in battle, then access the caves it protected. Collect the items inside, and find the exit which leads to a new entrance to Magicant.
  7. Optionally, if Ninten has reached level 25, you may wish to challenge the sleeping Dragon in the lowest level of the Magicant dungeon, and defeat him to receive the sixth melody.
  8. Take the usual exit out of Magicant only now you will reappear in the world just south of Yucca Desert.
  9. Continue heading southeast until you reach Youngtown.


  1. Locate the house in Youngtown which belongs to the Garricksons. Go inside to find a baby. Use PSI power Telepathy in order to earn a new power: PK Teleport.
  2. Travel to the east of town to locate the swamp, an area with very difficult enemy battles.
  3. Navigate the labyrinth of the swamp until you discover a house. Speak with the garbage can to chat with Lloyd's father.
  4. Inside the house, you'll find Pippi, who offers to heal your party for free. This will make it easier to level up around this area.
  5. Exit the house and head south to continue moving through the remainder of the swamp. After some distance, you will begin heading north and you'll find signs for the last town, Ellay.


  1. You can speak with the inhabitants of Ellay, but if you speak with one of the members of the Bla Bla Gang, you'll enter into combat.
  2. Locate the Department Store and head inside to do some shopping. Purchase a Show Ticket from the store.
  3. Head to the Live House. If you totalled the desert man's tank, you'll need to pay him for the damage. Then head inside.
  4. Inside the club, do not accept an offer to drink, and take the opportunity to sing on the stage. The leader of Bla Bla Gang, Teddy, will challenge you to a fight. If you last long enough, he will choose to join your party. He will take Lloyd's place.
  5. Once again, take some time to level Teddy up so he's a little stronger.
  6. From Ellay, head northeast to return to the swamp.0

Mt. Itoi

  1. In the swamp, head east to find a house. The house contains a doctor that will heal you and give you free healing items.
  2. Locate the cave near this house and head inside. Navigate the paths and explore them to find powerful weapons for your team.
  3. Continue until you find an exit, and you will arrive on top of a mountain. Proceed on the path and climb the vines. You will find another house near some orange trees. Inside is a healer who will heal you for free.
  4. Head into the second room, where a battle will take place. You will lose this battel.
  5. Lloyd will come to your rescue and bring you back to the first healers house. Teddy will leave your party and Lloyd will rejoin.
  6. Return through the caves to get back to the top of the mountain.
  7. Continue on the nothern path until you discover a lake. Locate a broken boat in the lake. Lloyd will repair the boat and you will be taken to an underwater lab.
  8. Explore the lab until you discover a large robot whose name is Eve. She will join your party, and then the lab is destroyed.
  9. Taking advantage of Eve, you can easily win a lot of fights and level your characters up.
  10. If you explore far enough, you will encounter R3078XX, a stronger version of the robot that you fought in the desert. It is driven to fight Eve, and they will destroy each other.
  11. Check Eve and you'll learn the seventh melody
  12. Continue heading north until you reach the top and discover a gravestone. Check the grave and you'll learn the eighth melody.
  13. You will be transported to Magicant. If you haven't beaten the sleeping dragon yet, head back to the dungeon below the well and investigate the dragon. Defeat it in battle to learn the sixth melody.
  14. Return to Queen Mary with all eight melodies obtained. You will be transported back to the top of Mt. Itoi. Investigate the cave behind the grave.
  15. You will now fight Giegue. Stay alive until he stops talking, and use the Sing command to play all of the melodies until Giegue is defeated.