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Uplay is Ubisoft's gamer network, accessed either through the game itself or the Uplay website. If connecting through the game, you'll also have to log in to the online service (Xbox Live for the Xbox 360, for the PC). When redeeming through the website, your ID for the console's online service is needed to access your rewards. For Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction you can earn extra content which is usable in the game.

By achieving certain in-game accomplishments, linked to achievements for the Xbox 360 version, you can earn points on the Uplay network. These points can in turn be redeemed for rewards both in-game and out. Assassin's Creed II has four "Actions" to earn points in-game. These Actions are the same for each system, but you can earn the points multiple times for completing each action on a different system. Actions are rewarded for PC and Xbox 360 platforms.

Uplay Actions[edit]

Complete the following Actions to earn Uplay points.

Picture Name DescriptionUplay points
Merchant Market Merchant Market Complete the single player "Merchant's Street Market" mission on any difficulty. 10 Uplay network
Weapon Upgrade Weapon Upgrade Purchase all 3 upgrades for any 1 weapon. 20 Uplay network
Ready for Anything Ready for Anything Purchase all 9 accessories for all uniforms. 30 Uplay network
In the End In the End Complete the last mission of the single player story on any difficulty. 40 Uplay network

Uplay Rewards[edit]

Spend Uplay points on these Rewards.

Reward Description Uplay points
SCAR-H Built for rough conditions, the COMBAT ASSAULT RIFLE deals far range damage, while keeping accurate. 20 Uplay network
VR ZVEZDA Voron's SV7 Rapid Response Assault Suit. Used by Voron field operatives for assault operations. 30 Uplay network
Infiltration mode Eliminate all hostiles without being detected. 40 Uplay network
SCC Wallpaper Download the exclusive Uplay theme (360)/Wallpaper (PC) for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction. 10 Uplay network