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There are 12 achievements in Double Dragon worth a total of 200 Gamerscore points.

Picture Name DescriptionGamerscore icon.
Double Dragon Good Score achievement.jpg Good Score Get 20,000 points. Gamerscore points
Double Dragon Demolition Man achievement.jpg Demolition Man Kill two enemies with a single stick of dynamite in a single player game. 15 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon All Tools achievement.jpg All Tools Pick up a whip, a bat, a knife, a drum, a carton, a stick of dynamite, and a rock. Gamerscore points
Double Dragon Third Base achievement.jpg Third Base Finish mission 3 holding a baseball bat. 20 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon No Swimming achievement.jpg No Swimming Pass the bridge in mission 3 without falling in the water. 10 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon Untouchable achievement.jpg Untouchable Complete mission 1 in a single player game without being hit. 20 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon Invade the Base achievement.jpg Invade the Base Reach mission 4 in a co-op game without continues. 15 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon No Mercy achievement.jpg No Mercy Take out all the enemies before the final boss in a single player game. 15 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon Sneaky achievement.jpg Sneaky Avoid the wall traps in mission 4. 20 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon Bare Hands achievement.jpg Bare Hands Complete a single player game without using any object. 20 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon Get the Girl achievement.jpg Get the Girl Beat the other player at the end of a co-op game. 20 Gamerscore points
Double Dragon Hero achievement.jpg Hero Complete a single player game without continues. 35 Gamerscore points