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Name Description Stats Required level Obtainable Buy/Sell Image
Cotton Gi A simple cotton gi. End +1 50 Cave of Ancients (Chapter 1), Buy in Hercule City 100Z/50Z
Dirty Shirt Maybe you should get this shirt cleaned before you wear it. End +1 50 Defeat Mercenary, Thug -/0Z
Dirty Gi Maybe you should get this gi cleaned before you wear it. End +1 50 - -/0Z
Dirty Armor Maybe you should get this armor cleaned before you wear it. End +1 50 - -/0Z
Prototype Space Armor It's a prototype so it isn't working yet. End +1 50 - -/0Z
Wool Sweater A thick knitted wool sweater. End +3 52 Buy: Hercule City, West City 300Z/150Z
Reflective Tunic A tunic made of reflective material resistant to energy attacks. End +4 60 Find: East District 439 (Chapter 2) -/420Z
Leather Jacket A cool looking leather jacket. End +5 55 Buy: Hercule City, West City, Thieves Den 495Z/247Z
Fancy Wardrobe This suit is expensive looking. End +5 69 - -/2500Z
Clean Shirt A shirt so clean it shines!
Wooden Armor
Stone O-Yoroi
Bronze Keiko
Halloween Costume
Armor of Darkness
Jade Keiko
Iron Armor
Brute Coat
Clean Gi
Spiked Breastplate
Mystic Aegis
Do-Maru of Shadows
Silver Armor
Monk's Robe
Pyrite Armor
Gold Armor
Stylish Haori
Armor of Light
Rhinestone Leisure Suit
Clean Armor
Platinum Armor
Force Suit
Dragon Armor
Enhanced Space Armor
Super Armor
Wet Suit
Diamond Armor
"Bad Man" Shirt
Titanium Breastplate
Saiyan Armor
Crystal O-Yoroi
"Z" Armor
Geromantium Kataginu
Dirty Gloves
Dirty Gauntlets
Prototype Energy Gloves
Cotton Gloves
1 Ton Armbands
Wool Mittens
Reflective Gloves
2 Ton Armbands
Leather Gloves
Clean Gloves
Brass Knuckles
Pilaf's Gloves
10 Ton Armbands
Iron Bracer
Silver Gauntlets
Magician's Gloves
Charge Gloves
20 Ton Armbands
Super Gloves
Clean Gauntlets
Platinum Gauntlets
Brute Gloves
100 Ton Armbands
Diamond Gauntlets
Power Gauntlets
Enhanced Energy Gloves
Scuba Gloves
Kiloton Armbands
Saiyan Gloves
Crystal Gauntlets
Geromantis Gloves
Geromantium Gloves
Dirty Tabi
Dirty Shoes
Prototype Hyper Shoes
Dirty Boots
Cotton Tabi
1 Ton Boots
Woolen Shoes
Leather Moccasins
2 Ton Boots
Clean Tabi
Wooden Geta
10 Ton Boots
Stone Geta
Alligator Loafers
Spirit Geta
Bronze Plated Boots
Iron Greaves
20 Ton Boots
Clean Shoes
Silver Boots
Super Boots
Silvery Boots
100 Ton Boots
Gold Boots
Shock Boots
Enhanced Hyper Boots
Kiloton Boots
Saiyan Boots
Winged Sandles
Clean Boots
Soccer Cleats
Geromantium Tabi
Dirty Cape
Dirty Belt
White Belt
Rhinestone Sunglasses
Primordial Twisty-Straw
Majestic Chopsticks
Wool Cap
Lucky Charm
Stone Men-po
Quartz Amulet
Yellow Belt
Topaz Amulet
Red Belt
Demon Mask
Amethyst Amulet
Hare's Foot
Green Belt
Clean Cape
Garlic Necklace
Rabbit's Foot
Sapphire Amulet
Skull Ring
Pure Black Cape
Super Cape
Talisman of Light
Emerald Amulet
Doom Amulet
Polka-Dot Kazoo
Iron Kabuto
Ox King's Hat
"Goku" Hat
Evil Talisman
Crystal Pendant
Blue Belt
Mercury's Cap
Four-leaf Clover
Vampire Cape
Crisis Ring
Brown Belt
Ruby Amulet
Expensive Wristwatch
Eldritch Cameo
Black Belt
Diamond Amulet
Clean Belt
Geromantium Bandana