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Phoenix Games
Phoenix Games's company logo.
Founder(s)Will Horden, Paul Share, and Steve Share
Closed2009 version UK Domain

Phoenix Games, known as Phoenix Games Ltd. in England, Phoenix Games B.V. in the Netherlands, Phoenix Games Asia in Thailand, and collectively as Phoenix Games Group, is a defunct game developer, and publisher of cheap franchise spinoffs. Self termed a "Super Budget Publisher," Phoenix Games' business model was to produce as many low quality, easy to produce games as possible. Most of the games are rated 3+ by PEGI, which probably was to the benefit of their target demographic: everyone. It was active between 2003 and 2009 and sold to markets globally. The remnants of its website, which include its list of games, are available at

Games by Phoenix Games were often produced as mini-game collections. They typically included card games, arcade games, jigsaw puzzles, and others. Phoenix Games also often made games with titles and themes similar to Disney franchises, but were able to get around copyright infringement by making them odd. In addition, they would port the games to other consoles with the same features, and create "sequels" for newer consoles (e.g. Iron Chef for the PS2 had a "sequel" called Iron Chef II on the Wii).

Company profile[edit | edit source]

As printed on

Phoenix Games Ahead of it's Time

With a small elite team of 6 people specializing in licensing, marketing and publishing of value priced games, development and manufacturing are bundled through outsourcing and collaboration. This approach suppresses our fixed costs and enables a revolutionary low price strategy. We boast the shortest time required from development to product release in the industry. Ordinarily the average development period for a game is 18 months, whereas Phoenix need a mere 3-5 months. With integrated standards in production and packaging it is now possible to realize low costs through stabilization of variable costs and suppression of fixed costs. In the case of fixed costs we are suppressing development costs per product unit by maximizing the sales volume through a low cost strategy and also both diminishing advertising and promotional costs and maximizing operating profits by securing a dependable fan base through an identifying packaging of a series.

With long-term strategic partners based all over the world, Phoenix Games (Holland) B.V. is perfectly situated to be able to recognise and effectively work with the challenges of price policy, competition, languages, region accessibility and most importantly, to ensure a profitable relationship with its distribution partners.

Phoenix Games (Holland) B.V. has become the leading European publisher for Value Priced Games. To this end Phoenix has adopted for PS2, DS, Wii & PC formats, a completely different approach to product publishing and distribution. Phoenix aim is to bring quality product to the market at remarkable prices, thus maximising sales for the developers.

Sony PS2, Nintendo DS & Nintendo Wii

The complete collection of premium budget product on these fast moving formats will be successfully sold through the many thousands of retail outlets offering quick turnover consumer goods where the general public does its everyday convenience shopping. Such as 24 hour stores, Newsagents, Garage Shops etc. marketing the ranges through these diverse outlets means they will get high exposure and this will result in high sales levels. Although the ranges will be sold at low retail prices, they will not be short on quality. The retail price points are incredibly competitive considering the quality of the content. This, together with eye catching packaging represents exceptional value for money. All product packaging and manuals will be available in 6 different languages : English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, a further feature to ensure international success.

PC CD Rom Budget Range

Potential sales volume of software at this price point justifies the launch of this ground breaking product range. Never before has a large selection of PC CD-ROMs for Windows XP, 2000 and Vista been available at such a low price. Studies show that the PC games market is now sufficiently mature to make this kind of budget range commercially viable and Phoenix has been rapidly acquiring quality content to include in this range. Phoenix is leading the way with budget products for the newer PC operating systems.

How does Phoenix do it ?

Software Publishers are committing ever greater resources to an ever diminishing number of product releases. In commercial terms it is seem to be more prudent to invest money in the next Tomb Raider sequel than it is to invest in some new and speculative venture. Major corporations are solely geared to money making and sometimes lose grip of the nature of the creative enterprise in which they are engaged. The creators of original products are usually independent development companies that have a creative dream. Commercial success is important, but the product comes first and developers live or die by the quality of the product they create. More and more, the smaller developers are being taken over by large companies and there tends to be a vacuum between people who want to get involved in the games industry and people working on commercial products. The smaller developers have less chance to get their original new product to the market. This is the main strategy adopted by Phoenix, to give the smaller publishers their opportunity to launch their products at retail, with a high degree of success already assured.


Employees[edit | edit source]

  • Paul Share (CEO / President)
  • Will Horden (Managing Director)
  • Steve Share (Sales Manager)
  • Ilse van de Vossenberg Vogels (Administrator)
  • Maarten van Schaik (Development Manager)

Phoenix Resurrection[edit | edit source]

In 2014 the UK domain for Phoenix Games Group was resurrected as a fan project in order to preserve the history of the one time giant budget publishing company. The website is powered by RetroDetect who house the largest Phoenix Games collection known and sits at over 250 games.

Developed games[edit | edit source]

Published games[edit | edit source]

PlayStation 2

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