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Stardock's company logo.

Stardock Corporation is a software development company founded in 1991 and incorporated in 1993 as Stardock Systems. Stardock initially developed for the OS/2 platform, but was forced to switch to Windows due to the collapse of the OS/2 software market between 1997 and 1998. The company is best known for their computer programs that allow a user to modify or extend a graphical user interface as well as their computer games, particularly strategy games such as Galactic Civilizations, Galactic Civilizations II, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Demigod.

Stardock created and maintains WinCustomize, a GUI customization community. Many of the skins and themes featured on its site are for software that is part of Object Desktop, their main subscription service. Stardock also runs, an online content delivery system for downloadable personal computer games, and ThinkDesk, a productivity application service. They are based in Plymouth, Michigan.

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