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Tatsunoko Productions
Tatsunoko Productions's company logo.
Founder(s)Tatsuo, Kenji, and Toyoharu Yoshida

Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd. (株式会社竜の子プロダクション or 株式会社タツノコプロダクション ,Kabushiki gaisha Tatsunoko Purodakushon), often shortened to Tatsunoko Pro. (竜の子プロ or タツノコプロ ,Tatsunoko Puro), is a Japanese animation company founded in 1962 by acclaimed anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida along with his brothers Kenji and Toyoharu (Toyoharu adopted the pen name Ippei Kuri to distinguish himself from his brothers). The studio's name has a double Japanese meaning of "Tatsu's child" (Tatsu being a nickname for Tatsuo) and "seadragon" which was the inspiration for its seahorse corporate logo. In reality however, "Tatsunoko" actually means "baby dragon".

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