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CVAoS Map Top Floor.png

The Top Floor is the last section in the game. It can be reached from either the Castle Corridor or Inner Quarters, and entered once you have Giant Bat or another means of flight. In addition, you can open a one-way door to the Clock Tower.

There are two routes from the bottom to the top. The left-hand path leads to some items, while the right-hand path brings you to a teleport.

There is a hyppogryph soul below the large courtyard beneath the throne room. To get it, destroy the secret wall behind the Iron Golem.

Graham awaits you at the top of the tower. In his first form, he will randomly teleport, launching flame attacks each time he appears. When low on health, he will teleport to the center, and start launching the fiery orbs in a circular pattern. After you defeat this form, he will comment on whether or not you have Dracula's powers.

In the second form, he will appear in the background, with the hands and chandelier being the major threat. The hands will occasionally sparkle, and swing towards the middle. However, these hands can never hit you if you are ducking (or sliding). The chandelier will move to your position, and occasionally blast you with energy. It may be dodged simply by sliding or by getting out of the way. To defeat Graham, you must hit the center of the body. While it is possible to destroy the chandelier, there is no significant benefit to do so.

Ancient Books[edit]

If you fought against Graham and simply got a "neutral" ending, that means you didn't collect the proper souls. For hints on these souls, you need to collec three ancient books - one is in Study, the second behind the Chronomage in Inner Quarters, and the third is in the top-right seciton of the Underground Reservoir.

While you do not need to possess them, the three books describe the Flame Demon, Giant Bat, and Succubus souls. To defeat Graham and continue with the game, you must have these three souls selected as soon as Graham enters his second form.

When he is destroyed, you will absorb Dracula's powers. Genya will arrive from the side room, and describe the situation. He will send you to the Chaotic Realm to destroy the source of evil. Exit to the left to obtain the Black Panther soul and to collect Dracula's Tunic, before continuing.


  • Satan's Ring. From the entrance, go up, take a left, and get past the Final Guard.
  • Gunger: From the entrance, go up, take a left, and go to the left room again. Break the ceiling at the top-left corner of the room.
  • Kaladbolg: Below the throne room, at the top-left corner.
  • Tear of Blood: Located at the top-right corner on the stairs leading to the throne room. Appears in hard difficulty only.
  • Dracula's Tunic: Defeat Graham, and continue left.