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This is the first game in the Fire Pro Wrestling series. For other games in the series see the Fire Pro Wrestling category.

Box artwork for Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag.
Box artwork for Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag.
Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag
Developer(s)Human Entertainment
Publisher(s)Human Entertainment
Year released1989
System(s)PC Engine
SeriesFire Pro Wrestling
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
LinksFire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag ChannelSearchSearch

Fire Pro Wrestling Combination Tag (ファイヤープロレスリング コンビネーションタッグ?) is a professional wrestling game developed and published by Human Entertainment for the PC Engine in June 22, 1989. It is the first published game in the Fire Pro Wrestling series. It was only released in Japan. In 2007, it was made available for purchase on the Wii Virtual Console.

This game was initially inspired by Nintendo's Pro Wrestling game, and is an effort to improve upon the formula it establshed. The game design and program were lead by Masato Masuda, who worked on the above-mentioned Pro Wreslting. The gameplay emphasizes timing and precision over hammering the button in order to land attacks and finishers and to get out of holds and pins.

This title pioneered the presentation of the ring in an isometric view. Techniques are assigned to the "RUN" button, which is not often used in other games for anything other than pausing. The player can select from sixteen fictional wrestlers, who were based on real wrestlers of the era. The game featured singles, tag team and tournament matchup modes.


Team name Name Nickname Height Weight Finishing move Real life inspiration
King Fighters Victory Musashi Legend of fighting 186cm 105kg Slashing the spinal cord Antonio Inoki
Saeha Akira World Fighting King 192cm 110kg Large wheel kick Akira Maeda
Depth charge cannon Tommy Bomber Powerful bomb 193cm 113kg Jumping knee pat Jumbo Tsuruta
Thunder Dragon Thunder Warrior 185cm 105kg Power bomb Genichiro Tenryu
Midnight Revolution Hurricane / Rikimaru The last Kyushu boy 185cm 110kg Sharpshooter Riki Choshu
Zombie Masa Immortal monster 190cm 115kg Back drop Masa Saito
Devil Pirates Pirates No. 1 Masked slaughterer 190cm 120kg Foul Gaspars
Pirates No. 2 Killing mask 192cm 122kg Foul Gaspars
Violence Monsters Star Bison Bull in the ring 200cm 150kg lariat Stan Hansen
Big the Great Bull Intelligent monster 201cm 145kg Guillotine drop Bruiser Brody
Dimension Express Mascara Condor Taka beyond dimension 180cm 100kg Flying cross chop Mil Máscaras
Mascara Eagle Eagle from another dimension 180cm 102kg Flying cross chop Dos Caras
Crazy Barbarians Bloody Allen Black evil giant 192cm 120kg Head butt Bad News Allen
Mad Tiger Bloodthirsty tiger 190cm 115kg Cobra claw Tiger Jeet Singh
Urban Blasters Night blaster Invaders from darkness 190cm 120kg Flying lariat Hawk Warrior
Iron Blaster Dark devil messenger 203cm 152kg Lift slam Animal Warrior
Hidden wrestler
  • RJ Phase (Lou Thesz)
  • Carlos Clauser (Karl Gotch)

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